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Rev_Night 04-06-2006 14:17

Where can I make my own spells?
I am in the arcane university now. I know where i can enchant my own stuff, but where do i have to go or who do i have to talk to to make my own spell?

Senty 04-07-2006 02:03

One of the buildings in that area the university isn't just the tower it's also the buildings behind the gate. It looks the same as the enchant thingie. Then again it is 2am, I could be wrong.

MrMeikel 04-07-2006 19:53

the spell making place is on the far left of "inside" the arcane uni

Akela 04-22-2006 04:25

Go to the door that says Chironasium at the uni.

CarpeIppon 04-23-2006 16:31


Originally Posted by Akela
Go to the door that says Chironasium at the uni.


Akela 04-24-2006 16:22

OK, my mistake. I checked it out and the correct place to make your own spells is the Praxographical Center.

Rev_Night 04-24-2006 16:56

i want to be 100% chameleon or pretty damn close. how can i do this?

also, how can i add effects to the enchanting and spell altars? I have a bunch of spells (like chameloen, etc..) that aren't on the 'known effects' list.

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