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millertime 08-25-2008 14:54

Where can i find Holecam for IRC?
i know someone still has the holecam file laying around in their harddrive. i need someone to either DCC it to me or let me know where i can find it. i know i havent been on IRC in some time or really talking about poker much in general but :wave: i'm still playing.

ParoxysM 08-28-2008 18:12

Sweet, then we all can play the same table...

millertime 08-29-2008 15:40

everyone on tw (that played poker) used to have this. i dont know why it's so hard to find now. and yes, we used to have 3 twer's on a sng or multiple twer's in MTT's.

Adroit 08-29-2008 22:56


millertime 08-31-2008 16:48

says the link is unavailable :(

Adroit 09-03-2008 02:17

? IT works fine for me. Just click it, enter the 3 capital letter code at the top then wait for the free load to activate, takes 45 seconds.

millertime 09-04-2008 13:36


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