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Huscarl 05-11-2013 02:43

Attack bonuses for various units
Revised Attack Bonuses - Age of Kings Heaven Forums

cliffs: mounted units get raped by halberdiers
ships get raped by bombard cannons
skirmishers & huskarls have an attack bonus vs archers
siege gets killed by siege & eagle warriors & mangudai
all infantry die to jaguar warriors, cataphracts, & hand cannoneers
unique units are countered by samurai

Torgom 05-11-2013 14:49

Samurai even beat Teutonic knights?

Huscarl 05-11-2013 16:28

I'll try simulating it later. according to the wiki, samurai aren't cost effective against Teutonic knights, cataphracts, or war elephants.

Huscarl 05-11-2013 16:32

there are some weird cases like samurai vs jaguar warriors, where they get a bonus vs each other. not sure who wins that.

edit: samurai wins.

Huscarl 05-11-2013 23:12

okay, whoever wrote the wiki is full of ****, japanese elite samurai beat teutonic knights 1v1, and they also beat elite war elephants 4v1 which is better than cost effective. The only thing they don't beat is elite cataphracts, which get armor against bonus damage (and negates the samurai attack bonus)

Torgom 05-12-2013 01:58

Thats very interesting, I never realized the samurai were that strong.

thanks Mr. Wiki :D

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