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Flash 03-27-2020 20:59

Cael bet thread

Originally Posted by cael (Post 19179907)
more than 50k!


Originally Posted by cael (Post 19179909)
i just told u more than 50k !

there were only 34k deaths with the 18-19 flu season in the usa so i feel like im being extraordinarily generous here !

Lets bet. $100 should be easy for you since you just received over a grand in stimulus. You don't even have to take it out of your welfare check.

50,000 or less in one year from March 1st, I win. More than 50,001 you win.

cael 03-27-2020 21:06

lol even if i was married to someone who didn't work i wouldn't get a cent of these neetbux

but it's ok i'll take the bet tho

Flash 03-27-2020 21:06

Great! Sorry you struck me as somebody who is poor. My apologies.

cael 03-27-2020 21:13

when i win you can donate my $100 to the open society foundation and border angels

Flash 03-27-2020 21:14

This was a bad idea. You can send it wherever you like :)

MasterGnr 03-27-2020 21:15

loophole - who wins if it is exactly 50,001???

StapleMammal1 03-27-2020 21:15

Soros will not need the benji where that fat kid ****ing ***** is going.

Flash 03-27-2020 21:15


cael 03-27-2020 21:16

you're right just donate it all to border angels

Border Angels - Home

TrojanMan421 03-27-2020 21:16

Flash is actually on the brink meltdown rn

cael 03-27-2020 21:19

it's for a good cause

Flash 03-27-2020 21:20

our fellow condom poster considers $100 bucks melting down. Give this man some stimulus, he's on the struggle bus.

blackpeople 03-27-2020 21:21


cael 03-27-2020 21:24

somebody sticky this thread please

TrojanMan421 03-27-2020 21:26

you posted like 30 times in 5 minutes based on a premise that was debunked in the same thread

and then you decided you needed to create a new thread about it

you are having a meltdown

cael 03-27-2020 21:29

you can see all the good work you're contributing to

KittyCat 03-27-2020 21:36

Flash meltdown lmao

Flash 03-27-2020 21:41

I***8217;m melting...

Skipperlipicus 03-27-2020 21:56

Flash you seem pretty confident I'll take you up on that bet.

Flash 03-27-2020 21:58

Done. Thanks for stepping up.

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