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nigafool 01-28-2009 17:40

im not actually wondering durak

thanks though im glad you are putting that cornell education to good use

Durak 01-28-2009 17:41

oh my bad

JavaBean 01-28-2009 17:41


Originally Posted by nigafool (Post 14217783)
i just cant imagine that someone who posts here 30 times a day and takes such great pleasure in 'driving people away from the forum' would actually leave over something so meaningless

it doesn't make any sense

insidious 33
Durak 28
KittyCat 27
naptown 23
SonGohan 22
nigafool 22

Gettin' there

Rilke 01-28-2009 17:42


Originally Posted by Durak (Post 14217793)
read my analysis in the past 5 pages. it all leads back to his insecurities and lack of control in his real life


Durak 01-28-2009 17:42


Originally Posted by Rilke (Post 14217805)


it's simple really

kurayami is one extremely insecure and lonely person. he uses the supposed anonimity provided by the internet to troll people 24/7 to fulfill his needs to feel superior and socialize. niether of which he can't/won't do irl. now that the mask has been taken off, he has much less control over his internet 'life'

Shadow(of)Death 01-28-2009 17:43


Originally Posted by SuicideTaxi (Post 14217188)
Pardon me... just a quick question....

Why would anyone give a ****ing **** about personal information on the Internet really?

My name, phone numbers, businesses, addresses, pictures, **** even live webcams have been on the net for like 12 years... who give a ****.... If anyone ever came to my house or business I'd either have them arrested or put them in intensive care... big deal.

I dunno... maybe if I worked for someone else I might feel differently... I guess people could cause problems with an employer... but even then, who gives a ****... If you're a standup employee, any rational boss would try to protect an employee being harassed by someone off the internet, rather than fire them or something...

I dunt get it. :shrug:


Fuzzy 01-28-2009 17:49

we could all chip in to buy kura a gun so he'd feel safe posting on tw again

sekdar 01-28-2009 17:51

This is quite possibly Kura's greatest troll ever. A one-line PM spawning this?.

Wraithed 01-28-2009 17:59

This forum is NLCS

nigafool 01-28-2009 18:01


Originally Posted by JavaBean (Post 14217804)
Gettin' there

anyone can post 30 times in a thread

maintaining a 30 post per day average is quite another story

that means if you miss a day you have to post 60 times the next one :lol:

besides, if people figure out my real name and where i live i am probably not going anywhere. mostly because everyone already knows.

Baby Bew 01-28-2009 18:02


Originally Posted by Wraithed (Post 14217868)
This forum is NLCS

Are you comparing the deterioration of the forum to the meltdown of the Chicago Cubs in games 6 and 7 of the 2003 NLCS???

MeSlayer 01-28-2009 18:03

fraggle is bartman

Chaoz 01-28-2009 18:04


Originally Posted by Baby Bew (Post 14217875)
Are you comparing the deterioration of the forum to the meltdown of the Chicago Cubs in games 6 and 7 of the 2003 NLCS???

Kurayami = Steve Bartman

Once people found out his real name and number he was forced to go into hiding

MeSlayer 01-28-2009 18:04

i think

KnightMare 01-28-2009 18:08

what happened, i missed it

HelenKeller 01-28-2009 18:19


KnightMare 01-28-2009 18:21

ok just checking

Shadow(of)Death 01-28-2009 18:21

btw- so in what thread did Fraggle show that he had Kura's contact info?

HelenKeller 01-28-2009 18:22


CMVDA 01-28-2009 18:24


Fraggle, do you seriously have the death of someone's mom in your signature?

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