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Odio 05-28-2020 18:38

Saint Paul Police, Fire, and Public Works Dispatch Live Audio Feed

Edofnor 05-28-2020 18:40

Fool 05-28-2020 18:42

Fool 05-28-2020 18:48

Odio 05-28-2020 18:50

Fool 05-28-2020 18:56

Amadeus 05-28-2020 18:57

what's the occasion?

Odio 05-28-2020 18:57

Some criminal got-got by a white cop.

Can't just accept that some ******* killed another *******. It's definitely about muh racism. Everything must burn! Starting with McDonalds.

NoGodForMe 05-28-2020 19:07

Meanwhile, how many blacks died in Chicago this week?

Odio 05-28-2020 19:12


If they tried to pull that **** with my Aldi, it would be Korean Roof Snipers 2

Dr Dance 05-28-2020 19:34

Aldi sucks. Nothing of value was lost.

Odio 05-28-2020 20:08

gim 05-28-2020 21:37


samUwell 05-28-2020 22:11

Is it just me or is jogging a really violent 'sport'? I had no idea Van was hardcore like this.

blackpeople 05-28-2020 22:17

hunchback poster

hunchback thread

Plasmatic 05-29-2020 01:39


Originally Posted by blackpeople (Post 19199362)

StapleMammal1 05-29-2020 02:09


Originally Posted by Dr Dance (Post 19199338)
Aldi sucks. Nothing of value was lost.

Went to one for first time the other day. Can confirm Aldi's sucks more dick than I do.

cael 05-29-2020 02:24

defend the aldi boys, can't believe they're looting one of our beloved national grocery retail chains ! i'd never let my local aldi#7412 go down like that

Brasstax 05-29-2020 02:48

Fire in the mattress store onos
Hennepin, Dakota, Anoka, Carver, Scott and Ramsey Counties Fire Tacs

Brasstax 05-29-2020 03:58

Cops are confused. The people are attacking the precinct buildings. That's not part of the deal. The deal is supposed to be that if a riot starts over the unfair treatment of a minority - the people get to loot a Target and the liquor stores. Not attack the police. :lol:

Dem city with no clue.

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