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Flash 10-28-2016 00:57

Can Trump win?
I haven't kept up with the latest stats. What are the real odds of him winning?

cael 10-28-2016 00:57


Fool 10-28-2016 01:02

Anyone can win

DocHolliday 10-28-2016 01:04

Even me?

Fool 10-28-2016 01:04

especially you

Reggs 10-28-2016 01:18

Early votes favor Trump strongly and the polls are rigged.

MadHatSam 10-28-2016 01:27

Can win? Sure.

Will win, doubtful.

samUwell 10-28-2016 01:29


Originally Posted by Fool (Post 18661932)
Anyone can win

I can't.

This one time, I said something mean. No longer presidential material.

absent 10-28-2016 01:31

Yes and landslide incoming.

coombz 10-28-2016 01:44


Originally Posted by Reggs (Post 18661940)
Trump will win in a landslide

Fool 10-28-2016 01:47

bam 10-28-2016 01:58

Le Tigre trying to be relevant again :lol:

MadHatSam 10-28-2016 02:32


They were relevant before?

JodoFett 10-28-2016 02:51

His chances are low but not impossible.

T-Dawg 10-28-2016 03:49

Don't you have to grow up first, before you can become president?

Ixiterra 10-28-2016 03:55

At this point, I'd say Trump has about an 80% chance of winning. The media and the pollsters are fighting tooth and nail against it, but all they're doing is continuing to make hill voters feel less enthusiastic about their candidate, while trump voters are very enthusiastic. kaine had to cancel a rally today because no one was going to show up :lol:

havax 10-28-2016 04:25

no chance

Analysis: Trump has 1% chance of nomination -

Hologram 10-28-2016 04:36

trump will win

Odio 10-28-2016 05:10

ugly clinton klan doesn't have much to lose in ww3, beautiful trump dynasty has future generations to look out for.

Plz, think of the future.

beep boop 10-28-2016 06:02

ya trump can win. it would be foolish to think he could get this far, being who he is, and not think he had a chance. that being said, ive always said that hillary will likely win this. plus there are factors we dont know. the rigged aspect, much how hillary had her primary very publicly rigged. who can say what is or isnt in the bag for her at this point? if u go by mass media alone, its a done deal.

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