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aNimAL 03-11-2011 22:33

My dumb Halo vid

bump it up to 720p! if you don't like the music... oh well

Milk-Man 03-11-2011 22:40

+rep for authority zero

edit: why does it say of mice and men?

aNimAL 03-11-2011 22:43

ty, second song is of mice and men

Chaoz 03-11-2011 22:47

god that music is terrible

EcKoPwnZ 03-11-2011 22:48

You,indeed, are an animal.

Kerosene31 03-11-2011 22:51

Good video. People will bash Halo but the game is always good for some mindless fun.

Validuz 03-11-2011 22:54

People bash Halo because its ****. I don't understand how people can enjoy that low skill-cap floaty ****.

aNimAL 03-11-2011 23:05

I agree it's not the best game in the world. My gaming rig is toast so I have to play console shooters. I have over 80k kills in MW2 and I don't really like Black Ops. I enjoy Halo because I've gotten comfortably good at it and because you can level up in ranks and unlock armor.

buize 03-11-2011 23:07

you can unlock armor to use in MP?

aNimAL 03-11-2011 23:08


Special---K 03-11-2011 23:12

cool vid but I just don't dig Halo MP
not when you have something like Bad Company

lemon 03-11-2011 23:12


Originally Posted by Validuz (Post 16268146)
low skill-cap floaty ****

Special---K 03-11-2011 23:15


Originally Posted by Validuz (Post 16268146)
low skill-cap Full Sail ****.

Mangle-Me-Elmo 03-11-2011 23:18

lol it's like it's 2003 all over again

who makes montage videos stll

aNimAL 03-11-2011 23:18

<- :ftard:

oDDable 03-11-2011 23:21

****ing play BC2 what is wrong with you.

Awesome vid though, made the game look pretty fun.

aNimAL 03-12-2011 21:09

yo oddable possibly picking up BC2 this evening... is oddableTW ur gamertag?

also for anyone that wants to see the video, pm me.. some hater was putting mean comments on my video :(

Special---K 03-12-2011 21:11

add me too


MonkeyHero 03-12-2011 21:15

Why is ur vid ded

aNimAL 03-12-2011 21:21

k special, probably later tonight or 2mrw

i added the vid in widescreen.. i'll just delete the youtube hater comments :x

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