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Hitman_T 12-22-2000 20:13

LOL! To hear the voices to it is even better!

NetHog 12-22-2000 21:26

changed html to vbCode

ReZ|Fly 12-22-2000 22:33

AA|noto 12-22-2000 22:34

awwwwwww yeah, we're back on top *bump*

ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US!@#$#!@Q$#!@#!$~~~~@!

MadBoFo 12-22-2000 23:18

god bless us...everyone....

Kelster 12-23-2000 02:06

..and people will realize that BMPs take a while to download when?! (this message directed specifically to Scavenger ;)

Apothem 12-23-2000 02:26

how would i change the size on this and make it smaller and easier to download? it's a 800*600 3mb animated .gif...

rastarocket01 12-23-2000 02:32


Originally posted by Hitman_T

LOL! To hear the voices to it is even better!
OMFG - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. This is by FAR the funniest thing EVER.

ferret 12-23-2000 02:59

what do I need to hear that? WMP wont play it 'file format invalid' =\

12-23-2000 03:01

<IMG SRC="">
Moon in replaces, all your base punish be!

12-23-2000 03:26

<img src="">
<img src="">
<img src=""><br><font size="1" FACE="Verdana, Arial"><font color="#CFE8FF">
[This post was edited by: Defiant on 12-23-2000 at 04:30 AM]</font></font>

12-23-2000 09:59

For all the Internet Explorer users out there:

<center><font size=7><B><font style='color: yellow; background-color: red;'><font style='width: 400; filter: shadow'>(V)cDonalds</font></font><font color=red size=4 style='width: 400; filter: dropshadow(color=white, offx=-3, offy=3, positive=1)'>All your base are belong to us

NetHog 12-23-2000 12:17

changed html to vbCode

rastarocket01 12-23-2000 13:00

Ferret - you need QuickTime.

12-23-2000 13:24

a quickie from the rodcet nife everquest server.. :)


jenny? from planetunreal, aka xylene

ps. sweet thread, spent alot of time giggling inanely at it. :o

mox 12-23-2000 13:29

Mcdonalds stole my M :(

Kelster 12-23-2000 15:18

Sgt. Sin 12-23-2000 15:36

From the U.S. Armed Forces Recruiting Department.....

Take your pick and enlist today!


12-23-2000 15:43

Here's another one:

Tourian 12-23-2000 15:52

Hmm, I had to put in my .02.

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