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RageX 12-20-2000 12:24

all my base are don't belong to them, all my base are belong to NuTz.

erm.. n/m

Hitman_T 12-20-2000 13:35

Even l0pht has jumped in!!!!

MadBoFo 12-20-2000 14:32

I was reading the newspaper this morning when I saw it..

Thud 12-20-2000 15:04

daerid46 12-20-2000 15:05



Chrom 12-20-2000 15:06

Well done all youse peeps. There is some very talented people out there, and you've made me cack myself.

Keep up the good stuff.

I wanna see a Pisstank Yobbo Mate one, if anyone can do it.

aScotiA 12-20-2000 15:11

badmofo, dont mean to be mean or anything, but you are the most unfunny/worst editor here... please stop killing the thread. thx

the end :-|

TQM-daydreamer 12-20-2000 15:13

heh, I thought it was pretty damn funny, thanks badmofo =)

MadBoFo 12-20-2000 15:15

heh...thanks for your input buddy

Bad_CRC 12-20-2000 15:17

I thought it was funny.

most of them are more "fun" than funny anyway. I think it's best if you can pretend the pics really happened and there really is some conspiracy we are uncovering here.


aScotiA 12-20-2000 15:20

/me wishes badmofo = breaker cus breaker's are l33t and funny :-| not spam that took 4 seconds to do

Bad_CRC 12-20-2000 15:22

I take it you have some issues with him that have nothign to do with this thread... am I close?


Emilee 12-20-2000 15:24

Dang you, that pick with the llamas is me! :(

daerid46 12-20-2000 15:25

/me wishes aScotia could grow some balls and act like a man, instead of being a whiney little punk.

Why don't you put up some l33t ones? or else STFD & STFU

MadBoFo 12-20-2000 15:30

I must've kicked the crap out of him on a pub somewheres or's pretty common....anyhoo..back to my l|4/\/\4 editing skills :p

and yes...I do believe there is a conspiracy...

Hoochie 12-20-2000 15:35

got some other ideas on the way but i couldnt resist with this old gala incident :)

<img src="">

MadBoFo 12-20-2000 15:51

I was attempting to understand the unexplainable, I knew I had to learn more about my enemy...I turned to history to see when they arrived on our planet..these mysterious...cats...

Lethal_E 12-20-2000 16:23

Today while browsing through the archive I came across this...

/me shamelessly plugs both his favorite site and bumps the thread in one fell swoop.


NetHog 12-20-2000 16:39

changed html to vbCode

Bali 12-20-2000 16:49


In 24 hours this got 3 pages funnier.

I need to buy a shirt.

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