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i got drunk with my mom tonight

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08-23-2006, 01:11 AM
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08-23-2006, 01:18 AM
since kms not here
I was looking for one with a drunk mother. This was the best one I could find...

Every boy has at some moment of his youth dreamed about his mother. It might be simple curiosity about women's bodies or a stronger physical attraction to her alone. Only a very few have the opportunity to make these dreams a reality. I was one of the lucky few and this is my true story.

I was eighteen years old when my story begins, the youngest of three children. My sister was twenty two and at college whilst my brother and I, due to health problems during childhood, still had another year of high school. When I was sixteen our parents had decided on an amicable divorce to give them a chance to start a new life. Mom was forty-one years old at the time and daddy almost fifty. They both had careers: daddy was an engineer and mom a successful attorney. My brother was at college in another city and my sister had married a hotel manager and was living in Hawaii. I stayed living with mom in a very nice apartment in mid-town, close to mom's office.

Mom and I always had a very close relationship mostly due to her nursing me during my illnesses and this relationship became even closer after the divorce. She took on the role of both parents, guiding me through that most difficult time in a boy's life, adolescence. Mom's main concerns were drugs and homosexuality, the latter after there was a scandal at school involving a boy who had had passive sexual relationships with a great number of male students. Mom was clearly relived when I assured her truthfully that I had had no involvement with the boy.

I had my first sexual experience with a girl when I was seventeen. She was one year older and a real expert on the subject, introducing me to the pleasures of both oral and anal sex. When I told mother about it she just recommended being careful to avoid an unwanted pregnancy.

Despite her otherwise liberal views on sex, mother was very conservative when it came to what she wore at home. Until the time I am writing of I had never had seen mom naked or even in her underwear. At home she usually wore jeans or, in the summer, a light cotton dress. At night, after coming back from work she would have a shower and put on a demure nightgown to watch TV. We would often work together at home in her small office until late at night, she on her business and myself doing homework.

One Friday I came home from seeing my friends and when I opened the door I saw mom seated on the sofa. She was motionless, looking into the darkness, only a lamp illuminating the living room. I could immediately tell there was something wrong. Unlike her normal habit, she hadn't changed out of her work dress of a dark skirt and white blouse, which she wore beneath a blazer, and on the coffee table there was a half empty bottle of vodka, an ice bucket and her pantyhose.

"What's going on?" I asked, approaching her.

"Nothing," she whispered after a while. Her eyelids were reddish revealing that she had been crying.

"Are you ill?" I asked, hoping it wasn't serious.

"No, I'm fine. You don't need to worry." Teardrops started to roll down her face.

"Mom come on!" I urged, "I never saw you in this condition. You don't usually drink! I always trust you and share all my problems. It shouldn't be different now."

"Sorry, I just don't want to bother you with my problems, but you're right, maybe it would be good to share this with you. It's a long story." I sat down next to her on the sofa and she continued.

"When I got divorced from you father our marriage was already over long before. To be honest with you I had been dating other men for a couple of years and your father and I came to the conclusion that we should split up. Two years ago I met a man and I fell in love with him. He was married and said that he couldn't get divorced until his only daughter got married. He is an influential person and I understood the situation. A couple of months ago he came to me and told that we needed to put an end to our relationship and I understood that he had had some sort of reconciliation with his wife. It was very painful for me but I loved him too much to want to become an obstacle to his happiness. Today I found the real reason for everything: he is leaving his wife to live with a girl that is only a little bit older than his daughter! I never felt so bad in all my life! I found out in the worst possible way that I'm getting old ..." She tried to grab the glass but I held her by the wrist.

"Stop Mom! You already drank too much. What you need now is a cold shower and some hot black coffee. You go to the bathroom while I fix it." Mom tried to stand up and sat down again. She obviously couldn't do it by herself so, holding her by the shoulders, I led her to the bathroom. She sat on the toilet seat while I started the shower.

"Now take a good long shower. I'll be back with the coffee," I said closing the door. After I'd made the coffee I went back to the bathroom and heard the sound of running water. I knocked on the door but there was no answer.

"Mom, are you OK?" I shouted but there was still no answer. I figured there must be something wrong; maybe she had fallen and injured herself. I opened the door and to my relief she was still sat on the toilet seat, fully dressed.

"Hey, I think you need some help..." I told her, helping her stand up. She stood up weavingly, evidence that she was still really drunk. I unbuttoned her blouse and help her remove it. Next came her skirt. I unzipped it and the skirt fell around her feet. Mom was wearing a white lacy bra and matching bikini pants which barely covered her butt and crotch.

"Turn around," I told her. She obeyed and I unclasped the bra and pushed mom under the shower head. Up to that moment she had been silent but then she started to complain about the coldness of the water.

"No, you must stay there a while. It will be good for you," I instructed. I tried not to look at my almost naked mom but was impossible. At forty-three years of age she was a very attractive woman; 120 pounds, long muscular legs and an almost flat belly, a consequence of a three times a week workout. Her breasts, after bearing three children, weren't exactly firm but were still good for her age, crowned by two large light-brown areolas and long, thin nipples. The soaking panties revealed a large dark shadow underneath. To my surprise I found myself enjoying the sight of mom's almost bare body. After complaining several times that she was freezing I turned off the water and wrapped mom's body in a large towel.

"Let's remove your panties," I said, putting my hands under the towel. I slipped them down and ordered her to sit down again on the toilet seat and then with another towel I dried her hair. Mom's teeth were rattling uncontrollably and I placed both my hands on her shoulders and began massaging them.

"Hmmm, that's so good!" She murmured.

After massaging her for a long time I said, " OK, that's enough, let's go to bed." Mom could stand up on her own by now and hesitantly walked to her room. She was patiently obeying my directions like children do with their parents. I selected a short, see-through nightgown.

"Time to get baby dressed for sleep," I said trying to hide how nervous I was faced with the prospect of seeing mom completely naked. Maybe she, still a little drunk, didn't noticed my slightly stammering voice. To my surprise she undid the towel and dropped it, revealing her nakedness. I did my best to disguise my stares but when I was pulling on the nightgown I couldn't help but see the large triangle of auburn hair that partially covered her lower belly.

I put her to bed, arranging the pillows so she could comfortably drink the coffee, then covered her body with a sheet and rushed to the kitchen. I was trembling while I poured coffee into a large bowl and felt an erection growing inside my jeans when I thought about what I had just done.

I had broken up with my girlfriend sometime before and since then I hadn't had sex. I tried to get rid of these thoughts. It wasn't fair to take advantage of my own mother while she was in such a condition. I went back to her bedroom and sat on the bed, silently waiting for her to finish her coffee. She was drinking in small sips, reclining on the pillows with the sheet down to her waist, her breasts almost fully exposed under the thin fabric of the nightgown. I pretended not to pay attention to her, moving my eyes in all directions but always returning to her breasts.

Finally she finished the coffee and handed the cup to me.

"Thank you Mark, you're so sweet."

"C'mon it hardly makes up for all you've done for me. Are you feeling any better now?"

"Yes, I am." She said, but her voice betrayed some sadness. I came close and held both her hands, feeling her firm belly underneath the sheet.

"Mom, you must stop thinking about this guy. The bastard doesn't deserve you. I'm sure that pretty soon he will find out the big mistake he's made. What you must do is forget what happened and start a new life."

"You're right, it's time to start all over again."

"Great! That's the mom I know! You are a young, beautiful woman, in great shape. It will be easy for you to find a new man. I know I'm only a boy but if I may give you some advice, you should be looking for a single guy who can give you all his time and not someone to get you into bed for a quick sex session." I then wrapped mom in my arms pulling her tightly against my chest.

"I realized this afternoon that very soon I will be alone," she said. "Three years ago we were all together; all of a sudden one by one you started leaving: your father, your sister, then your brother, and very soon you will be leaving as well."

"I don't need to leave," I answered, "I'll do my best to stay here, or at least I can find a college close enough to see you every other week." I felt my sleeve moisten with her tears and at the same time heard a quiet sob.

"Mom, please don't cry, you can't image how sad I feel when I see you crying."

"I'm a fool, I'm crying because I'm feeling so happy with my dear son." I waited until her sobs subsided then said,

"Sleepytime for young babies. Any problem if I stay here with you until you get to sleep?"

"I'd love it! You are such a sweetie!" I rushed to my bedroom and quickly changed into short-legged pajamas and a tee-shirt.

"When you were young there was some nights that you'd only go to sleep when I lay down with you and held you in my arms," mom told me when I returned.

"Today will be the opposite, I'll take care of you," I said and slipped under the sheet, holding mom in my arms and caressing her still-damp hair. The vivid images of mom naked a few minutes before were still flashing over and over in my mind. I found myself thinking about the woman at my side not as my sweet mommy but as a sensuous woman. I had an erection and was feeling miserable, first of all because I felt I was betraying mom's confidence. What would she think about her dear son taking advantage of this odd situation? Secondly because at any moment she might notice and it would be another disappointment in a so short a period of time. The only solution would be go back to my room. Quietly I started to move away from her but when I tried to raise her arm she protested.

"Please no! I want you to stay with me!"

"Aren't you feeling well again? Do want some water or an aspirin?"

"Water would be good," she said. I stood up and rushed to the kitchen. On the way I positioned my dick in a way that would make my hard-on less noticeable. Fortunately the tee-shirt was loose enough and I was wearing briefs so I placed my dick underneath the elastic. Back in the bedroom another surprise awaited me, mom was sitting on the bed, with her legs crossed, which had made her nightgown rise up, revealing her thighs and part of her furry mound. I tried my best to keep my eyes from mom's crotch but was impossible. She eagerly drank the water and asked for more. After the second glass she lay down again.

"I'm ready now, I promise to won't disturb you anymore." I got in beside her and turned off the lamp and she again came close to me, I held her in my arms and started caressing her back, feeling the smoothness of her skin under the silky fabric of the nightgown.

"Mark, may I ask you a question?"

"Sure, go ahead."

"When you said that I'm still an good-looking woman was you telling the truth or just trying to be supportive to mom?"

"It's the total truth, I swear. Today was the first time I've ever seen you naked. I was amazed to see you have such a young-looking body, you must be so proud of it. I bet many girls much younger than you would willingly give years of their lives to have a body like yours."

"Really?" It was all mom could answer, she was obviously surprised by my statement. "Yes except for one small detail," I said, encouraged by the darkness.

"And what is that?" She asked with a trace of disappointment.

"Forget it, I wouldn't have mentioned it ..."

"Oh, please tell me. Now I need to know."

"If I tell you you must promise not to get upset."

"I promise, now tell me."

"Its your hair down there ... you know, your *****. You should trim it..." I heard mom giggle and I went on, "You should have it cut in a small triangle. Your belly would look much sexier." After I said it there was a long silence. I was thinking that I had crossed the border and mom had decided to put an end to the subject. On the other hand she hadn't made any attempt to move her body away from mine, our bare thighs were still pressed together.

"Please don't stop, it's so good." She protested when I stop caressing her back.

"I was trying to let you sleep." She moved her body even closer, nesting her head against my chest. The warmth of her breath on my neck and her breast mashed against my chest became a torture. My dick was aching and I was afraid I might cum at any moment. It would be a complete disaster, I was thinking, to go to the bathroom to relieve my tension. At the same time I was working on my mom's back again, the palm of my hand strolling in large circular movements from the neck to the waist.

At a certain point I stretched my little finger so that when my hand was over her waistline I could touch her butt. Once again I didn't detect any negative reaction from mom. Instead of going down over her spine as I was doing I began to made wide circular movements. I reached her waist on one side and slid my hand horizontally so my finger could run over her butt. I could feel my fingertip sliding down into the top of her ass cheeks, going down as much as an inch into the crevice, still outside her nightgown. The only noticeable reaction was an increase in her gasps. With every movement I was going further down with my hand.

Trying not to go too fast, sometimes I caressed just the nape of her neck and upper shoulders then, slowly I started again to travel to the 'Southern Hemisphere'. To my delight after several advances over mom's butt my finger touched her bare skin. The short nightgown had moved up enough to expose a substantial part of her ass! Suddenly mom moved her body briskly, my heartbeat went up instantaneously.

"Mark, are you sure about what we are doing?" she eventually said in a serious tone of voice and turned the bedside lamp on. Without waiting for my answer she added, "A few hours ago we were just a very close mother and son. As you said, you had never seen my naked body before. Now we are a woman and a man playing an adult game, and this game between a mother and her son has a name - incest. And incest in our society is illegal. I must be pretty sure that, tomorrow, when its all over, you won't regret it or feel guilty."

I really didn't know how to answer. Of course I was aroused by all that happened in the last hours, but to say, face to face to your mother, that you are sexually attracted to her is quite different. Mom took my silence as doubt and went on, "The last thing I want is you hating me because I let it happen. There is still time to put an end to this episode before it goes too far."

A very peculiar circumstance had put us in this strange situation. This was not a mom and son behaving normally but it seemed that mom had decided to put an end to that stuff.

To my delight mom moved her body to a more comfortable position and placed a leg over mine. I could feel her hairy crotch rubbing my bare thigh. I lost any last qualms and grabbed her nightgown, raising it up to fully expose mom's butt. My hand travelled eagerly over that lovely set of smooth fleshy mounds. Mom was quietly grinding her ***** against my leg leaving a warm layer of moisture over my skin. My finger hastily travelled to her crack and reached her soaked twat. Mom was then panting heavily and rubbing her body shamelessly against mine. I momentarily stopped caressing her body and, grabbing her chin, kissed her mouth. She immediately opened her lips and darted her tongue inside my mouth. I pulled her body over mine.

"Let me take your nightie off," I pleaded, "because I want to see your naked body." She raised her body and freed the nightgown. I pulled it over her head.

Removing the sheet, I unveiling mom's nakedness. Now I could look closely at my mom's bare body openly. Slowly and devouringly I took in every single detail, from her nice face, her eyes wide open and watching me, her parted, full and sensuous lips; then my eyes travelled down to her ****, topped by stiff nipples. The next stop was her belly, crowned by a perfectly shaped belly-button. A few inches lower the dark forest of thick pubic hair began. It was wide enough to spread over the sides of her crotch. As I'd seen when I was undressing her, small panties it weren't able to fully cover her fur.

I couldn't resist anymore and lightly placed a hand over the black triangle. Surprisingly the hair was thick but soft. My hand slowed down, one finger at each side of her slit and gently open the labia, exposing the pinky flesh, coated by a glistening fluid. The top of mom's ***** was graced with a large, dark-coloured clit. Mom panted heavily when I spread her **** lips. She then sat up in the bed and holding my chin, stared directly into my eyes. We stayed looking into each other eyes for a long time. Mom was striving to build up the courage to say something.

"Kiss me... I want you to kiss my whole body..." she murmured. I immediately obey her request and start kissing her ****, the little nipples, surrounded by large pink areolas, were rock hard. After sucking and kissing them for a long time I began exploring the rest of mom's body with my tongue. From time to time she shuddered and panted. Eventually, after playing for a while with her belly button, I arrived at her pubic hair. Carefully I parted her **** lips and stared at the pink crevice tipped by her clit. An exquisite perfume emanated from her ****. She accepted patiently my inspection for a while then she grabbed my head with both hands, gently forcing it towards her twat.

"Kiss me... please kiss me there," she whispered. I place my mouth on her vagina and started licking and kissing. She opened the legs wide and forced my head against the crevice, it felt like she was trying to thrust me back to the same place where I came from nineteen years before! I went on sucking and licking the uniquely-flavored liquid produced by her body. She was now quivering continuously and, just when my jaws were beginning to ache, she had a sequence of short spasms and released the pressure on my head.

"Please come... put it on me..." she begged. I crawled back over her body and wrapped my arms around her neck. She gazed into my eyes in a different way. It wasn't my tender and sweet mom, here was another woman, with a sensuous look, lust gleaming out of her green eyes. I was amazed to find that for the first time I noticed mom had green eyes, a dark, indefinable green. The tip of my hard rod was rubbing against her labia but I was afraid to profane so special a part of my mother's body. As a matter of fact I was enjoying having my knob nested in that warm, soft and soaking cradle.

Mom spread her legs wider and pushed her belly against my prick in an unmistakable invitation to invade her body with my boyhood. A light push of my crotch was enough to insert half of my shaft in her eager vagina. Mom gasped loudly, her hands tightly wrapped around my waist, pulling my body against hers. A second stroke and I was fully inserted in her in *****. I was so excited that, even though I tried to keep control of the situation it took only a few strokes before I felt a strange and exquisite sensation, as though all my body fluids had been drained through my dick into her sucking vagina. It was a so strong that was I had to struggle to stop myself fainting. Breathless I relaxed my body over mom while she caressed my back. I kept my face buried in her hair, savoring its sweet perfume. Now, after I had fulfilled my dream, I was afraid to face mom. When eventually I dared to look at her she had a shy smile in the face.

"How do you feel?" she asked. I assured that I was feeling alright and for sometime we exchanged caresses until my dick completely softened and slid out of her body.

"Now that you have satisfied your desires for my body I want to tell you something," she said. "Sometimes when you fulfill a need and return to reality there's a feeling that you shouldn't have done that. It's a sort of guilt. Please don't feel so, what we did was not something bad. Of course, society says that a mother and her son musn't have sex with each other. But you shouldn't feel guilty or bad for what we did. Treat it as an experience, nothing more than that." I was so tired and stressed with all that happened to me in the last few hours that I barely noticed when mom turned off the bedside lamp.

I woke up next morning with a strange feeling, as if I had had a nice dream. Looking to my side I saw mom sleeping quietly on her back. It wasn't a dream! As I remembered what we had been doing some hours before a doubt begun to grow in me. I was afraid that it just happened because mom had drank too much vodka. If I was correct she would blame me, who'd been clear-headed, for all that had happened between us. It would be hell when she woke up! Even so I felt my prick slowly getting hard again. Thinking, as in the song, "Whatever will be will be," I decided to have what might be my last sight of mom's naked body.

Very slowly, so as not to wake her, I took hold of the sheet that covered both of us and started to move it down. In a while I could see mom's naked body again, her **** moving up and down with the pace of her breathing; her surprisingly flat belly and the large expanse of black fur, still sticky with the mixture of my dried semen and her own juices. The velvety skin of her rounded thighs had several shiny stains. I had a moment of apprehension when I saw that she was waking up. Was mom thinking the same as me? Her eyes twinkled several times, then she looked down at her own naked body and then slowly back in my direction. After a moment a shy smile sprang to lips.

"What are you looking at?"

"I was looking at your body. You know that you have a wonderful body?" She smiled again, delightedly at my admiration of her. Seeing that she didn't have any bad feelings about what happened the night before I bent closer and delicately took a nipple in my mouth. She sighed and started caressing my hair.

"Thank you, mom!" I whispered looking into her tender face.


"Because you gave me the most wonderful gift I ever received. Until now you were just my loving mother; it's amazing that I never saw you before as a woman, I mean, you were mommy, the person who took care of me when I was sick, who checked my school performance and all that. I know it was even more difficult after the divorce. And all of a sudden my dear mom shows up as a sexy woman, a beautiful female! You can't realize how happy I am. I feel much better now. I was afraid you would blame me for what we did."

"By no means, there's nothing to regret!"

"Just one thing you said yesterday after we... well...you know. You said that I should treat it as an experience. Does that mean that it's all over?"

"Yes," she answered without hesitation.

"And why is that?"

"Because I'm your mother, we are not supposed to do that."

"Mom, I don't understand why should we act in accordance with a rule that was established thousands of years ago by a silly feeble-minded?. Why can we being just a man and a woman? We are both adults, nobody is being forced to do it. Or may be you didn't like it?"

"It's not a matter of like or dislike, you must understand that..."

" Just answer my question!" I almost shout, surprising myself with my strong determination.

Conversely from my brother or my sister, until that moment I had been a highly acquiescent son, accepting without questions mom's authority, an authority that largely grew up after she had divorced from daddy. Mom was surprised, as well, with my manners. She looked on me in the same way she used to do when was saying something that ended up with an argument. I looked intently into her eyes and she raised the head, her face blushed thoroughly. I came close and surrounded mom in my arms. It seems that it was what she was despairingly expecting me to do.

"Oh Mark, my dear. I'm so confused, I don't know what to do." This was the first time I'd seen mom show any weakness. We were both sat on the bed, I held her in my arms and she buried her face in my chest, which was quickly becoming damp with her tears. She was sobbing loudly, like a child, her body shaking uncontrollably. It lasted a long time before it began to subside. I don't remember the date but that moment was certainly my first step into maturity. I was able to understand what was going on with mom: the end of her relationship with that man, combined with what had taken place between us was too much in such a short period of time. It was painful to have to give up in my physical intentions but it was the only thing to do. To follow through would have been to **** mom and this wasn't in my plans.

"Easy Mom, it's all right now. I understand... I think that the best thing now is for you to take a shower whilst I fix a breakfast for us." She seemed relieved with my decision; I held her face and tenderly kissed her forehead. Quickly she jumped out of bed and stepped into to the bathroom. I looked at her naked body for what I believed was the last time.

After breakfast I took a shower and went to deal with my other passion: my car. For my eighteenth birthday daddy had given me a 1969 Volkswagen Karman-Ghia. It was as old as me and in a terrible condition but with the help of a friend whose father was a retired mechanics and had a full set of tools in his garage, I had been spending every free moment working on it. My friend was doing the same with a '72 Plymouth Road Runner. Our plan was not to restore the cars but turn them in some sort of hotrods, taking account of our limited budgets. I was saving every penny and investing them in my car.

I went to my friend's house to work on the suspension but it was a lost day. I couldn't work with my usual enthusiasm and was so distracted that my friend noticed it. In spite of my efforts my mind was far away from my lovely Karman-Ghia. I was replaying the previous night countless times in my mind. His mother invited me to have lunch there. I called mom to let her know. During the lunch I caught myself looking at his mother several times. She was a few years older than mine and the perfect image of a mother; several pounds overweight, gray hair pulled back into a bun, spectacles and wearing an apron over her dress. I couldn't imagine my friend facing the same problems I had!

We worked in our cars till mid afternoon and then I went back home. At first I thought mom wasn't there and felt relieved. The breakfast had been very embarrassing, both of us avoiding looking directly at each other. I was tired, both physically and mentally and decided to have a nap. When I woke up it was almost eight PM, I had a quick shower and decided to see my buddies in a bar that belonged to an old racing driver. The place was decorated with trophies, old posters, photos and all kind of racing memorabilia. A bunch of us car fanatics use to meet there. The owner liked to talk about racing and we could stay the whole night and drink only one soda.

As I was leaving I saw light under mom's bedroom door. As I usually did, I knocked to let her know that I was leaving. Usually mom answered, "Good night, take care," but that night there was no answer and I assumed that she was already asleep. I was opening the front door when she came hurrying out of her bedroom.

"Mark, hold on a moment please. Where are you going?" It sounded very odd since she was never interested in where I was going.

"I'm going to see my buddies."

"Mark honey, we need to talk."

"If you don't mind, can we talk tomorrow? It's a Sunday and we have the whole day."

"I ... I want to talk now." The only thing I could guess she wanted to talk about was what had taken place the night before. "Please Mark, five minutes." She almost implored me. It didn't make any difference if I was five minutes or half an hour later.

"OK, let's talk".

"Do you mind if we sit?" She grabbed me by the hand and led me to the sofa where everything started 24 hours earlier.

"Mark, I spent the whole day thinking about what happened between us and..." It seemed that she had prepared a speech for the occasion and was trying to luck up the courage to say it. I decided to help her.

"Mom, listen, we already talked about it. You don't need to worry, it's gonna be the way you want." I was trying to be polite and not show any resentment about her decision.

"Honey, it's not what you're thinking, well... it is but," she came closer to me and placed a hand on my leg, her voice was almost a whisper. "As I said, I thought about everything carefully and came to a conclusion. You were right when said there is something between you and me, and if you and I agree and keep it in secret then it's OK. This morning you asked me one thing that I didn't dare to answer but I will do it now: Yes, it was very good, I hadn't had so strong an orgasm for a long time."

"Do you mean, you and I...?" It was my turn to be stunned at what she was saying. Mom nodded several times and, as if to seal her intentions, she gave a light kiss on my lips. I pulled her against me and mashed my lips against hers. Mom jumped on top of me, sitting on my lap. I was amazed and thrilled that she had changed her mind.

"Are you still planning to see your friends?" She whispered almost inaudibly.

"What do you want me to do?"

"If you really don't mind I want you here..." I kissed her again and placed a hand on her knee. It was late fall, warm weather, and mom were wearing a light and loose sleeveless cotton dress. My hand slithered up her leg, lifting the dress up and exposing her rounded thighs. Slowly I started unbuttoning her dress. Once again her small lacy white bra was revealed.

"I don't understand why you wear a bra. You don't need it."

"After breast-feeding three children and at my age I'm not so sure that I can go without it."

"Next time we go somewhere together I will show you..."

"Why don't we go to my room? I have a surprise for you," she said in a mysterious tone and with a funny look. We rushed to her room and whilst we kissed passionately I frantically removed her dress.

"Sit down and watch," mom said and unclasped the bra exposing her bare breasts. She inserted a thumb in each side of the waistband and slowly, very slowly, pulled them down. I was treated to a breathtaking sight; the formerly wide mat of thick fur that covered most of her lower belly was gone. Now there was just a small triangle, no more than two inches wide on each side of her bare twat. The **** lips, now entirely visible, were tightly closed, not easy after three births.

"I hope you like it!"

"It's wonderful! Exactly the way I figured it should be. When you did it?"

"This afternoon, I went to the beauty parlor were I used to have my legs waxed and asked the girl to have a 'haircut'. She suggested the style adopted by the table dancers." I held mom by the hips and pulled her against my face, gently kissing her *****. Mom sat on the bed and peeled the panties all the way off. My clothes quickly followed and we were soon again fully naked on the bed.

"How do you feel with your new hairstyle?" I asked her.

"It was funny; when I left the salon it was like I was wearing no panties. I felt so excited that I was afraid people around would notice. My ***** was dripping and my panties were soaked. I rushed back home and had a shower."

I inserted a finger in her *****, it was wet again and made a sucking sound as I played with it with my fingers.

"I never saw a woman so juicy," I told her, "you should be called Miss Honey Pot."

"You fool!" She blushed and tenderly slapped my forearm. We exchanged light kisses like two young sweethearts, trying to make that moment last as long as possible.

"Tell me what made you change your mind," I said.

"After you went out this morning I start thinking about what we'd done. At the start I blamed myself, thinking that I had, intentionally or not, created the circumstances to make it happen. I felt responsible for everything. You are nearly a man, and is not easy for a man, especially at your age, to resist the temptations of a naked woman, even if that woman is your mother. I decided I should never have let you undress me and certainly shouldn't have invited you to stay in my bed. I was encouraging us to start an incestuous relationship. And the fact I was drunk is not an excuse, after the cold shower I was sober enough to have stopped it if I'd wanted to. So there was only one logical conclusion, I did it intentionally."

Mom smiled shyly at me. "Besides, there is something you don't know..."

"Go on," I said eagerly.

"Well, not long ago I had a dream; and in my dream I was naked in my bed when you came into my room naked as well. Without a word you kissed my lips and my breasts and we made love. The sensation was so vivid that I woke up sure that it had really happened! For many days I was embarrassed by the dream and the only explanation I could think of was that I had been without sex for a long time.

"So this time I did my best to be rational and came to the conclusion that what was done was done; we couldn't simply erase it from our lives. If we pretended it never happened sooner or later it would emerge again. And, as you said, we are two adults. If we are attracted to each other in different way than society expects it's our business.

"Another reason was that in the last five years I've dated many men and it's was always the same, we'd see each other at a cocktail party or during a meeting and if there was a spark we'd have a 'business dinner' together and go to a hotel for a sex session. There'd just be time for some quick foreplay, a ****, a shower and then it would be time to leave. Even with the man I saw for a long time it was the same. During the three years our relationship lasted we only spent one whole night together, when we were able to make a trip coincide.

"With you it was different, there was all those previous thrilling moments. I loved the way your manhood softened inside me, your arms wrapping my naked body. I said to myself, 'Why should I deny myself another of those wonderful moments?' The angel perched on my right shoulder shouted, 'Because it's wrong!' and the little devil on the other shoulder said, 'And who told you that it must be always right?' I bet you can guess who won!"

I leapt over mom, one leg on each side of her body, raised her to my chest and hugged tightly. I was in a high state of arousal I didn't care. I would give my mom all the love and affection she had been deprived of over the years.

"From now on you're going to be my girlfriend," I announced.

"Are you serious?"

"I've never had been so serious. I know that outside we must be careful but if we go away at weekends where nobody knows us we will be just another couple of sweethearts."

"I'm not sure that I would look like your girlfriend. Don't forget I'm old enough to be your mother!" We both giggled then I went on,

"First of all there are lots of couples where the woman is much older than the man and no one sees anything wrong with. Besides, we can make some changes in the way you dress. At home and at weekends you should wear something relaxed, I mean jeans, tee-shirts or shorter dresses."

"Hey, I'm not young enough to wear miniskirts!"

"I'm not suggesting miniskirts, just something lighter and shorter, a few inches above the knees would be right. You have a such nice legs." I rolled over on the bed with mom on top of me. "Now let's stop talking, there's more important things to do."

"For example?"

"You can raise you belly a little bit and put my dick in your *****. I bet you'll love it." Obeying my request she raised her torso and, holding my dick, aimed it at her *****. She moved down my body until her now small patch of pubic hair was grinding against mine. She covered my lips with hers and darted her tongue in mouth. With mom on top, her legs slightly bent at each side of my body, I could freely massage her back and her perfectly shaped ass. With one hand on each mound I forced her body down against mine.

I was doing my best to delay cumming as long as I could. I wanted to make mom have more pleasure than she ever felt before. Her panting turned into a long loud wail announcing that she was having a overwhelming orgasm. Her nails were digging into my back which hurt but at the same time I enjoyed. At that moment I came, a flow of warm semen flooding the depths of her womb. Her body was relaxed over mine as her excitement subsided.

08-23-2006, 01:19 AM
A few hours later I woke up in the dark. Mom was sleeping on her side, her body leaning against mine. Instinctively I placed a hand on her hip and started caressing her tender skin. It was enough to get me another hard-on. I inserted a leg between hers and pushed my rod against her *****. A quick thrust was enough to insert the whole knob into her crevice. At that moment Mom woke and immediately understood what was going on. With a wiggle of her crotch she worked my dick all the way inside her. We had a long and lazy sex session. I pumped my pole into her eager ***** making my mom cum several times until I released another load of hot cream into her *****. I fell asleep with my dick was still inside her.

We woke late that morning and there were no regrets. Just the opposite, we kissed and caressed each other for a long time before Anne decided to take a shower.

"If you don't mind, I'm going to shower with you," I said and she happily agreed.

In the bathroom she sat on the commode. "Turn around, don't look on me, I need to do something," she said.

Of course I didn't pay attention to her plea and when she saw that I was peeking at her

she smiled but didn't say anything. When she got in the shower I took the soap from her hands and rubbed it over her body. My cock was, of course, as stiff as a board. I got in the shower with her.

"My God, aren't you ever satisfied?" she said.

"It's your fault. You're such a sexy woman!" I answered. "If you weren't so beautiful I wouldn't be like this. I can't help getting hard every time I look at you. You used to complain that no one noticed you, I bet pretty soon you will be wanting to be alone again."

"No chance," my mother said, "You can have me anytime you want." We hugged and kissed each other under the warm water for a long time.

"Let's go back to the bed," she suggested. Under the covers again, it was good to dive my tongue into her warm slit, sucking and darting my tongue between her labia until she cried and begged to be ****ed.

We spent the rest of the Sunday at home ****ing as much as we could. The following week was the same. When my mom got home from work we petted and kissed each other which always led us to bed. Mom said that I during that week I must have filled her womb with a gallon of jism.

I took her to a mall and we bought her some jeans, the first she'd had in years. She was looking for a high priced brand name but I convinced her to buy slim fit, stone washed Levi's. We also bought some white tee shirts and male-styled long sleeve button shirts. On Saturday morning we went to the supermarket with her wearing one of her new outfits. We met one of my mother's friends who said she was delighted to see me helping Anne do her Saturday morning shopping. She said she would never be able to get her sons to do the same. I wondered what would she think if she knew what Mom and I had been doing in bed!

Back home I helped Mom put the shopping away. While she was standing in front of the sink chopping vegetables for lunch I stood behind her and hugged her around the waist.

"Let me take your jeans off, you'll feel more comfortable," I said. I knelt behind her unfastened the waistband and zip, then pulled them down and helped her step out of them. My face was a few inches from her butt, covered only by her small lacy white panties. Quickly, I lowered the panties down to the middle of her thighs.

"Hey, you said the jeans!" Mom protested. I placed my hands on the round globes of her ass but when I tried to separate them she clenched her buttocks.

I wondered if my mom didn't like her bottom being played with. Up to that moment I had never made any attempt to play with her ass, except when my hands used to stroll over the cheeks in bed, but I had never tried to force my finger into her crevice. I stood up and took hold of her breasts.

"What's wrong with me playing with your bottom?"

"There's nothing wrong with it," she replied. "I've just been to the toilet. Let's have lunch and after I will take a shower." I was pressing Mom against the counter rubbing my hard dick against her bare bottom. I opened the fly of my pants and pulled my prick out, pushing it between the succulent globes of my mother's ass. To my delight, she swayed and pressed he bottom against me.

"Do you like it?" I asked.

"Yes...." She whispered.

"Do you know what I mean?"

"I think so..." she answered and smiled slyly. I took the knife from her hand and made her turn around. I put my arms round her waist and she put her arms around my neck. She looked into my eyes.

"After... lunch... shall we?"

"Shall we what?" I probed, wanting to be sure we were talking about the same thing.

"You want to do it in my bottom, don't you?" I hand slithered my hand down between her ass cheeks, my middle finger touching her butt hole and then with a gentle thrust I inserted it up to the first knuckle.

"Do you mean here?" I asked. Mom just nodded.

The lunch seemed to last forever. Eventually we started to collect the dishes and then the phone rang. It was her boss who needed her to help with some papers. I think we were both disappointed. I know I was. I spent the afternoon working on my car.

When I went back in the house I saw mom's purse and briefcase over the sofa. I hadn't seen her come home. The door of her bedroom was half opened and the room was in semi-darkness. Mom was sleeping naked on her belly on the bed. I stood still in the doorway just enjoying the sight of her lying there.

I never tired of looking at my mother's body. It may not have been that of an eighteen year-old cheerleader or professional stripper, but it was magnificent in its maturity. Her hips, waist and shoulders were perfectly proportioned. Her buttocks were well-rounded and her legs long and shapely. Her smooth skin made her seem more like a thirty five year-old than my forty three year-old mother of three.

I sat down on the bed. On the nightstand there was brand new tube of Vaseline jelly still in its box. It was an unmistakable message from our lunchtime conversation, which had been interrupted by her boss. She woke up and looked at me with her deep green eyes. I leant over and kissed lightly her lips.

"How was it with your boss?"

"It was all right, I was back by five. I saw you were working on your car so I took a shower and waited for you."

"Sorry, I thought you'd be longer at work."

"I wasn't expecting to be back home so soon." Mom sat up in bed and put her arms around my neck.

"Let me have a quick shower, I'm stinking."

"No, I like you this way, I love the smell of your body," she said, pulling up my tee shirt. She then begun to kiss and lick my chest.

"Get undressed, we've already wasted too much time," she whispered.

She didn't need to ask me twice. I frantically removed my pants and underwear and held her in my arms.

After a few kisses I forced mom to turn around. She lay on her belly, her face buried between the pillows, her arms and the legs slightly apart. I gazed at her for sometime then placed my hand on her back. Mom's skin was very smooth and fresh, almost like a teenager. I slid my finger over her spine, from the nape of her neck down to the beginning of the deep valley that separated the two full mounds of her bottom. I placed a hand on each side of her cheeks and opened the mounds, exposing mom's anus. It was a round, protruding, slightly puckered hole covered by dark, almost purple skin. Between her anus and her ***** was darker skin covered by light and short fluffy hair. I couldn't stand anymore. I dove my face in that adorable valley, my tongue darting to the puckered hole. Her body shuddered fiercely as if she'd had been whipped. I covered her anus with my mouth, sucking it and pushing my tongue in at the same time. She responded by raising the ass and forcing it against my face. I responded by sucking more strongly and Mom's body stiffened. She was panting loudly. I repeated the caress several times until I felt breathless. I broke off and she remained with her face buried between her arms.

"Put it in me," she panted, "lubricate it before you..." she indicated the tube of jelly. I placed a big glob of Vaseline on my finger and pushed it slowly into mom's bumhole. Working carefully to stretch her sphincter, I moved in slow circular movements, her ass widening more and more as mom' relaxed her sphincter. It was fascinating to watch the little hole that at the start was tightly wrapped around my finger then opened in such a way that an egg could be fitted in without any effort. I added more Vaseline to keep up a good lubrication. I played with mom's bottom a long time, loving it, but the pressure in my cock was growing urgent so I lay over Mom and pointed the knob against the anal ring I'd been playing with and pressed gently against her bumhole. My cock slid easily inside her and my mom panted heavily.

"Is it OK?" I asked, concerned by the intensity of her panting.

"Oh yes! Don't worry, go ahead, shoved it all the way in me then keep it in, I want to get used to your dick," She said breathlessly. I paused, my prick deeply embedded in her bowels. This was something new, mom's anus was very receptive after so many years of intense anal sex and also due the rectal massage I had given her. Even so, like any anus, it was very tight, the sphincter strongly squeezing my prick.

After some seconds with my dick shoved all the way in I suddenly felt a perceptible looseness of pressure over the shaft. It seemed that mom had relaxed and her rectum had got used to the intruder. Very slowly, I drew my cock back and then shoved it in again. With each movement I increased the speed and the strength of the stroke. I slid my hands under her chest and grasped her ****, gently squeezing them. Mom returned my pistoning in her ass by sensuously swaying her butt. She panted heavily and murmered words of encouragement, begging me to push harder into her backdoor.

Finally my aching balls gave me signs that they ready and couldn't stand anymore and a continuous flow of jism was expelled from my prick deep into my mother's bowels. I lay against her back exhausted, my dick deeply embedded in her butt. Her anal ring contracted, chewing on my dick till it was soft enough to withdraw from her anus. As good as being inside mom were the moments afterwards when we held each other in our arms, slowly kissing and caressing and exchanging words of love. In these moments that beautiful and mature woman was my sweet lover, my adorable girl friend, and my hot mistress, not my mother.

"Did you enjoy it?" I asked.

"Yes! Was very good!"

"You really like it up in your butt, don't you?"

"Oh yes, I get anal orgasms stronger than with my *****."

"Is it common to women to like anal sex?"

'It's hard to say, I have some friends that say they never had it and never will, others say that they do it because their husband likes it and if they don't do it they're going look for it elsewhere, And there is a group that openly says they like it. I always liked it, ever since the first time!"

"Do you mind telling me how it happened?"

"No, there's nothing wrong in telling you. After what we've done what else could be wrong between us?"

I settled down beside mom, holding her in my arms, and she began.

"I was thirteen and dating a guy who was eighteen. You can imagine how proud I was to have caught the attention of an older boy. Our petting was getting heavier and heavier. He sucked my ****, which were pretty small at the time, and his hands were exploring under my skirt, his finger inside my panties and so on. I decided to stop him because my mother had advised me to keep my cherry at least until I was seventeen. On the other hand that guy was my first really serious boyfriend and I didn't want lose him.

"One day after one of those terrific petting sessions he asked if he could put his dick between my thighs and cum. He complained that his balls were aching and he could barely walk. That was another thing that mom warned me not to do. She said it is very dangerous if someone ejaculates over your ***** you can easily get pregnant, even being a virgin. Instead I gave him a handjob. He was always pressing me and saying that he was going to look for another girlfriend who would wanted to please him, that I was too young for that and all that bull**** boys used on us. I told him for the hundredth time that I was a virgin and not planned to change my mind very soon so he told me there was a way we both could have pleasure without the risk of getting pregnant or taking my virginity. He said that we could do it through my backdoor. The subject wasn't news to me, some of my schoolfriends had said they did it. But as usual others said that it was dangerous, that the anal ring would get loose and lose its elasticity, causing incontinence.

"To support their statement they told one of those lousy stories: a famous movie actress was addict to anal sex and the stretching of her ass got so bad that she needed to a colostomy to correct the problem! Once again I turned to my mother. Your grand mother was a very beautiful and sexy woman. One day when she was naked in her bedroom I came in to talk to her. After skirting round the issue I eventually said, 'Mom, do you and daddy have anal sex?' Mom laughed loudly and said yes, it was an important piece of their sexual activities and asked why I wanted to know. I explained the reason and my concerns. She relieved me by saying that she had being doing it for a long time without any problems.

"After mom's advise I decided that I would at least have to give it a try so I'd know what it was like. The opportunity came very soon after. My boyfriend sprained his Achilles' tendon during a soccer game and had to stay home for sometime. One afternoon I went to visit him when his parents were out . It was the first time I taken all my clothes for a boy. I played with his dick and then he asked me to turn around and show him my bottom. He was no more experienced than me, all he used to lubricate my rear opening was saliva. He spit in his hand and spread it over his prick. Unlike many people said, it didn't hurt. At the start it was a strange feeling, as if I were trying to expel something from my rectum then just a series of stings when the anal muscles were stretched. It quickly subsided and I felt incredible pleasure which grew until I had an orgasm much more intense than the ones I had experienced by playing with my clitoris.

"But everything has its price. Saliva works well at the beginning but it is quickly absorbed by the rectum walls. When the excitement was over I begun to feel a burning sensation in my rectum. After dinner I was feeling highly uncomfortable; not a pain, just a discomfort. So I learned the rule for good anal sex: it needs good lubrication. Unlike the vagina, the anus does not secrete any lubrication.

"From that day on I became an enthusiast 'backdoor babe'. Of course my relationship with that boy didn't last too long. And until I decided to give up my virginity, when I was nearly eighteen, I had anal sex with all of my boyfriends. I was so addicted to anal sex that during my first regular sex sessions I found it difficult to have an orgasm."

We woke up late the following day. It was Sunday and a beautiful day so I decided to take mom to a nice place I knew where I taken some previous girlfriends to have fun. The first I did was to help mom to dress in a new way. I gave her one of my racing tee-shirts. She complained a little bit until she saw that the shirt was loose enough so her nipples didn't show. Next piece were the shorts. She only had some old fashioned, golfing shorts which hung down almost to her knees.

I used scissors to remove the bottom part of the legs to make a pair of cutoffs. Mom had narrow hips and long legs so the cutoffs didn't look inappropriate for her age. I gave her one of my baseball caps. Mom wore a hair quite long, about four inches below her shoulders, and pulled her hair back into a ponytail which looked pretty sexy. Flat, strapped sandals completed her outfit.

On the way, when I stopped by a convenience store to buy sandwiches and sodas mom decided to stay in the car, not daring to be seen in her new outfits.

The place we went to was about sixty miles away from home. It was a large, state-owned area that later became a state park. On the banks of a wide, snaking river, the whole area was covered by hundred year-old tall trees with low bushes that grew high enough for complete privacy. The spot I chose was a hard-to-find narrow path that zigzagged for almost half a mile from the main trail to the riverbank. I was afraid of having the sides of my car scratched by the tree branches!

At the end of the path there was a clear area with only room enough to turn the car around and spread a blanket. It was a sheltered spot, surrounded by scrub woods, with access only by the path or the river. One of my best buddies who had an old jeep had told me about this place. It was a sort of secret spot where we used to bring our girlfriends to have fun without the risk of being caught by the police. Even on the weekends there weren't many people there. Of course at that time there was no parking lot, wooden tables or barbecue areas which now attract families.

Mom was amazed with the place, it was so quiet and secluded. We spread a blanket and sat enjoying the peace that this forgotten spot offered. The silence was broken only by the birds or the few old barges towed by tugboats lazily running up and down the river every half hour or so. We chatted about our plans for future weekends. Mom's boss had a small log cabin in the mountains, some three hours drive from our place. He had offered it to her several times and we decided we'd try it. Of course, our talk was interspersed with kissing and fondling and after the lunch our petting became more intense. I raised mom tee-shirt and kissed and sucked her breasts.

"Let's go to the car," she suggested when I started opening the zipper of her cutoffs. That was a problem because the competition seats I'd fitted were fancy, but were not suited to a petting session and didn't recline. We sat in the back, which was narrow, with only about a foot of space, not much room to do anything. I peeled off her tee-shirt and shorts, leaving mom wearing only her usual lacy white bikini panties. I opened my fly and pulled my dick out. Mom placed one hand over it and played for some time, stroking the shaft and squeezing it gently.

Holding the nape of her neck I gently pushed her head down into my crotch. She understood and took my swelling prick in her mouth. I had eaten mom's ***** several times but that was the first time she had ever given me a blow-job. She was an expert in that activity too and I was soon feeling exquisite pleasure. My dick is not enormous, just seven inches, but most of my girlfriends had not been able to take it fully into their mouths. Mom, after licking and sucking the knob for some time lowering her head until she had me all the way in her mouth, her lips and nose brushing my pubic hair.

She pumped up and down on the head, at the same time stroking my shaft. It usually takes me a long time to cum, sometimes a blow-job is only a warm up that ends up with my prick buried deeply in a ****. That time was different though. It didn't take long before I started feeling my nuts raising up in my sack and then a strong flow of semen being squirted into mom's mouth. When she felt the first burst she raised her head, keeping only the glans inside to avoid being choked by my semen. Eagerly she drank all my cum, not even a drop leaked out of her lips. When she finished my softening cock was clean and almost dry.

"Let's get back on the blanket or my spine will start giving me hell. Next time let's take my car." She put the tee shirt back on without the cutoffs. The shirt was long enough to cover her crotch. We lay on the blanket sipping sodas and staring on the river in silence.

"Is there is something bothering you?" I asked her, thinking she was having conscience problems again.

"No, just the opposite, I'm so happy and relaxed. A week ago I couldn't have imagined being in a place like this, almost naked, like a young girl. The last time I gave someone a blowjob in a car was when I was a teenager. Yesterday at work, during the meeting, I started thinking, 'What the hell I was doing there when I'd rather be in bed with my lover, feeling my whole body being caressed. At home, when I was drinking, I realized that , although I'd denied it to myself, I had had a lot of expectations of my relationship with that man. And you know, the higher the expectations, the worse the frustration. Thanks to you, I'm feeling like a proper woman again. It's ironic that the man who did this is my own son!"

"Is there anything wrong with that?" I said, 'sometimes I feel you're not comfortable with the situation."

"I told you, I'm happy with what is going between us. I've been thinking about it and honestly, I can't see anything wrong with it. You are not a thirteen-year-old boy raped by a sex maniac mother who wants pleasure at any price. This is a relationship between two adults who are attracted to each other. Of course, as mother and son, we're not supposed to have sex but the truth of the matter is that I'm not concerned with rules, just exploring and enjoying each other.'

I had pulled my dick out of pants and my hand was under her tee-shirt fondling her breasts. Her last words were said in a husky tone, an unmistakable sign of her arousal. I forced my leg between hers and pulled the elastic of her panties away, touching her eager ***** with the head of my dick. A quick push and I had my dick inserted in her vagina. Eye-to-eye with mom, I started pressing my crotch against her.

She lost any worries about being caught ****ing her own son in public and rolled over me, her legs spread on each side of my body while she grounded her ***** frantically against my prick. If a boat had been passing on the river at that moment, the crew would have seen a woman, her ass clad in tiny white panties, enthusiastically riding a young man.

The weekend at mom's boss log cabin was unforgettable. The cabin was perched over a plateau some 4,000 feet above sea level and at the end of a long, narrow trail off a state road. During the day the temperature was warm and pleasant but due to the altitude, even though it was early fall, the nights were cool, temperature quickly dropping to the mid-forties. Some miles away there was a small village with a Swiss restaurant where we tried the fondue.

It was the first time I saw mom feeling ease away from home. It was good to walk in the streets holding mom by the hand, or with an arm around her shoulders while she had hers around my waist, exchanging light kisses and caresses without any worries. We were a just couple in love, one out of the many couples that surrounded us.

In the cabin, most of the time we were naked, arousing each other until we ended up ****ing. After the dinner in the restaurant we walked for a long time, strolling along the main street, feeling the temperature drop till it became almost uncomfortable then we went back to the cabin. We lit the fire, which burnt wood logs, and immediately the pine aroma filled the air. Soon the room was warm and I sat down on the sofa, my mom lying with her head on my crotch.

"Mom, I was thinking," I said, "next year I'm going to college. Why don't we both move to a city far away from here and start a new life together? You can easily get another job as an attorney, and nobody's going to know that you are my mother."

"It's not as easy as that. We cannot simply disappear, there's your father, your brother, your sister and most importantly your grandmother to think about. What do you think they're going to do? And besides, we need to face the facts. I'm forty-three years old. I know I'm in a good shape now but and how it would be in another four years or so? Do believe that my body will still be the same? I'm glad I still look young for my age but it won't last forever. In a few years, even if I still keep working out, my breasts will start sagging, my belly will swell and wrinkles will start to show up. Then you'll find that you're a thirty year-old man living with woman in her mid-fifties.

"No, the best we can do is to enjoy what we've got. Live life day-by-day. And there's another thing I want to tell you. If you feel attracted to a young girl, feel free to go ahead. I don't own you, I'm your mother and my main concern is your happiness."

"What about you?" I asked her.

"Well, that's different, I'm not thinking in the long term. Sexually, you more than satisfy me. As a matter of fact, I was never so fulfilled so I'm not looking for another man. I already have the best one I ever could meet."

As we talked I stroked her hair and felt my tool growing beneath where her head lay. Without a word, mom unfastened my belt and opened the zipper, releasing my cock. With half of my cock inserted in her mouth she start to peel off her jeans. I raised mom by armpits and removed the remainder of her clothes while she help me to take mine off. I made her sat on my lap facing the fireplace and inserted my prick all the way into her *****. She began to move her hips sensuously.

"Stand up, I want to **** you in the ass," I said, knowing that her juices would provide enough lubrication for anal sex. Mom lifted up enough to allow my dick to slide out then held me and direct my cock to her back entrance. As usual, she inserted the knob and paused for a moment but then instead of going slowly as she had before, she sat down quickly on my prick. In that moment her ass had stretched to it's maximum, allowing the whole of my prick to be shoved into her bowels. She let out a howl, as if from a wounded animal, and sat still for a while panting heavily.

It might have been just my imagination but, caressing and lightly pressing my fingers over her belly, I thought I could feel my knob right below her belly button.

Slowly, almost imperceptibly, she was moving her lower body in sensuous circular movements. I grabbed her by the waist, pressing the tips of my thumbs and index fingers into her. It seemed to increase her lust, making her hips move faster and faster. I forced her body forwards so I could see her puckered hole completely stretched by my cock. Not a single wrinkle was visible, only a large, pink brown collar surrounding my swollen shaft.

"I... I... I'm coming," she murmured, her words followed by a succession of moans while her body was shaken by violent shudders. I shot a stream of hot cum into her, it felt as if her bowels were sucking my sap. Her body shook then stiffened and then immediately relaxed. I held her tightly, afraid she might fall forward. It took a long time for my cock to slacken. In that position, with mom's back over my crotch, even when I shrank it remained embedded in her rectum for a long time. Mom squeezed rhythmically with her sphincter muscles, massaging my dick so there was no hurry in pull it out of her.

The cabin didn't have central heating so we decided to sleep in front of the fire. We got some comforters and several blankets. It was a wonderful to spend the night there. From time to time I threw a log on the fire so we were kept warm. It was daylight when I woke up, feeling mom's hands caressing my back and rubbing her leg against mine. I immediately rolled over her and without a word shoved my prick up to the hilt in her *****. Mom wrapped her legs around my butt and told me to **** her hard. She said she was horny because her ***** hadn't been visited by a dick for a long time, which wasn't, of course, true.

We were both so aroused that it didn't take too much time before I came in her ***** again. During our sex session we threw the blankets away and rolled over and over the comforter. Sometimes I was over mom's body and sometimes she was riding me. When we had both cum we noticed for the first time that the wall facing the front yard was made of glass from the floor to ceiling. If the caretaker who lived in a small cabin less a mile down the hill had decided to take a look in the house, he would have had a thrilling sex show!

The main bedroom on the upper floor had a small deck and we stay there the rest of the day, both naked, enjoying the mild autumn sun until it was time to going down and have lunch in the village. After another leisurely walk in the narrow streets and we rush back home for another intense ****ing session followed by a sleep before it was time to drive back home.

* * *

One day soon after our trip to the mountains my mom's car needed servicing and she asked me to follow her to the car dealer with mine so she could have a lift. I dropped her at her office and in the afternoon she called me, saying the car wouldn't be ready that day and wanting to know if I could pick her up at the office.

I stopped by her office around six-thirty. Mom was alone in the office and asked me to wait while she finished reviewing a contract. Her office was spacious, with heavy, dark-oak furniture and a three-seat leather sofa. Paintings, photos and certificates hung on the wall. Heavy drapes covered the windows. The room was lit indirectly from above, with lamps over mom's desk and on the side tables. It was the sort of image that would impress a client.

I bought a soda from the machine in the corridor and sat on the sofa, watching my mom while she worked. As usual she was wearing her 'professional dress': a knee-length, dark blue wrap-over skirt, white, long sleeved blouse and three-inch high heels. Her blazer was hanging in a closet behind her desk. I loved looking at mom, admiring her mature beauty. In the lamplight mom's face showed her concentration, her head slightly lowered and her hair partly covering her delicate face. Mom is slightly nearsighted but even her spectacles add to her charm and grace. I thought how special she was. Many women look good naked, or in a nightdress or tight jeans but very few were capable of looking impeccable in any kind of dress. I was enjoying every moment watching my mom, trying to mark it indelibly in my memory so I could recall it anytime I wanted.

My mom stopped reading and stood up, walking around the office stretching her arms.

"Oh my God, my back is aching so badly," she said.

I got up and from behind, put both hands on her shoulders and start pressing my fingertips into her tight muscles.

"Uhhnnn, that feels so good!" she said, shutting her eyes.

"It'd be better if you sat down," I said guiding her to one of the guest chairs

"Now close your eyes and relax." I unfastened her blouse and lowered it to her elbows then worked on her shoulders until I felt the skin was hot and reddish and my fingers were aching. Only her moans and deep breathing interrupted the silence. At the same time I watched her breasts rising and falling beneath her bra.

"I hope you are feeling better now."

"Oh yes! You know Mark, you amaze me!" She stood up and started buttoning her blouse. I grabbed her by the waist and kissed her lips.

"You don't know how good is to have such a beautiful girlfriend that's great attorney."

"Even when she makes you wait for ages for her with nothing to do?"

"I had a lot to do; looking at you, massaging your shoulders, kissing your lips..." She placed her lips over mine and her warm tongue forced its way between my teeth.

"I want to see you naked." I said, as our kiss finished.

"No problem, give me a minute and we'll go home."

"No, I mean now."

"Lock the door then, the cleaning staff will be here pretty soon," she said.

Mom wasn't able to say 'no' to my suggestions any more. She really enjoyed them. I think it reminded her of her younger days going along with the things I suggested. Anne quickly removed her blouse and skirt. The next to go was her pantyhose - mom didn't like garter belts, she said they were not comfortable and tended to show under thin summer dresses. She also didn't like thongs or g-string panties, which she said, were very uncomfortable and caused her severe irritation. Apart from pantyhose, she used liked to wear thigh-high stockings with an elasticized hem, which did not need suspenders.

I quickly undressed and made mom sit on the sofa wearing only her panties and bra. Without a word she unclasped her bra and raised her butt, allowing me to slip her panties down. I knelt in front of her and pulled her legs wide apart.

"My ***** is dirty..." she said in a weak kind of way that was certainly not intended to stop me. I really loved that exotic mixture of tastes and smells; her ***** juices mixed with sweat and a hint of urine made an exquisite combination. I licked and sucked her bare *****, occasionally darting to her anus. I made her cum several times then crawled over her and inserted my dick in her greedy twat. She grabbed me by the hair and covered my mouth with hers in a passionate kiss.

After I unloaded a charge of hot sperm into her womb we lay on the sofa stroking each other. I loved those moments; our lust satisfied I could quietly stare at her perfect body and stroke her skin, tenderly pinching and kissing her small nipples. Anne loved to be admired, to know that her body pleased my young eyes. I also liked to use these moments to satisfy my eagerness to know more about mom's earlier sexual life. In the beginning she'd been reluctant to tell me what she'd done before but now she seemed to enjoy describing her experiences.

"Mom, why did a bright woman like you married a man like daddy? I've got nothing against him but he is the opposite to you."

"It's a long story. When I was seventeen I thought I'd found the man of my dreams, tall, good-looking, intelligent. We were deeply in love, so I decided to lose my virginity to him. We'd been dating for almost a year and planned to marry. He was a geologist and when he was returning from an offshore platform, the helicopter fell into the sea. He and the other people on that flight were never found and I went crazy. I stayed in my room and hugged a picture of him, crying my eyes out.

"I stopped going to college, and maybe for six months I was a little insane. My parents were considering putting me in a hospital but then I slowly returned to real life. I restarted my studies at Law School but I'd lost the joy of living. Your father was around all the time; he was a good friend of my brother and was very supportive to me. We talked and he gave me advice and sometimes he picked me up at college or took me out for a ride in his car on Saturday afternoons. He was the best friend I had. Eventually I began to have sexual urges again. My fiancÚ and I had had a very good sex life and I always have been easily aroused.

"In the beginning it had just been secret masturbation sessions but my problem is that masturbation only provides temporary relief for my lust. Then I want more. Then one day it happened, when we went to the movies. At that time we lived in an old apartment building without no elevator or porter. I don't remember how, but all of a sudden we were kissing each other on the stairs, I pulled my pants off and we had sex there. The trouble was that after my fiancÚ died I'd stop taking the pill. When I found out I was pregnant your father was a perfect gentleman and, against my will, he convinced my parents we ought to marry."

My mom's stories always sparked my lust and when she finished my prick was hard rock.

"My God, are you ready again?" Anne asked pretending to be surprised. She was actually delighted to having a young stud always willing to meet her needs.

She sat on the edge her desk, both hands behind her supporting her body. Standing in front of her I stuck my prick in her *****. Mom opened the legs wide and hugged my shoulders.

The good thing about a second ****ing session in such a short period of time was that I could keep pumping her warm, soaking ***** for a much longer time. I could also watch my mom's face and her expressions of lust. At that moment it was not my sweet mom, it was a mature and lusty woman, with sensuality exhuding from every pore. We also started to use dirty language. She didn't like swear words but at that moment, with my prick deeply shoved into her vagina or her anus, we both lost control. Looking into my eyes she whispered,

"****...**** me, I love to have your prick deep in my body, you don't know how much I enjoy to feel your cum filling me up."

We were ****ing and exchanging such words when we heard someone knocking at the door. It was the lady from the cleaning staff. Anne called out, explaining that she was still working and would be finished in few minutes. It was funny hearing her trying to say it in a normal tone of voice whilst she had a prick deeply imbedded in her *****. We kissed each other to stifle her gasps and sobs so the cleaning lady wouldn't think something unusual was going on in the office.

Mom had a private bathroom attached to her office so we went in there.

"Let's finish it in a different way," I suggested, sitting mom on the commode. There was no need for words to make her understand what I wanted. She took my dick in her hand and engulfed it in her mouth. It didn't take long to make me fill her mouth with a load of cream. As usual, she savored every last drop. To avoid suspicion we didn't shower, she just quickly cleaned her ***** and my dick with moistened toilet paper and we got dressed.

I inspected the office for signs of what we'd been doing. There was a stain on a chair but fortunately the leather was dark enough so it wasn't obvious. As a final touch, as we left I called her 'mom' in front of the cleaning lady.

After our sex session Anne invite me to have dinner. She chose a small, quiet restaurant so we could talk in peace

"When did you start dating other men?" It was a question that I had been longing to ask her.

"Your father is a wonderful person," she began, "a sweet character but our marriage was a mistake. To be honest with you he is a bad lover. I had high sexual standards set by my fiancÚ and with him it was something like sex was merely a piece in a married couple's life. Your father loves to be sucked but hates give oral sex; he said that he couldn't stand the taste! The first time we had anal sex I was seven months pregnant with your sister and I suggested it instead of giving him blowjobs, to help me ease my sexual needs. My belly was enormous and I was afraid of having a prick in my vagina, it's stupid but was my first pregnancy.

"We did it but he looked disappointed to find out that his wife did such a thing. In spite of three children in such a short period of time I was able to finish Law school and when you were young I used to work at home, revising contracts for the attorney's office I'm now working with. "Eventually, as you all grew up, I got a part time job there and then one of the partners decided to retire and I was invited to replace him. In few years I was making more money than your father and had a respected position in the firm. At the same time, my life with your father was getting more and more boring. There were no major disputes, just a cooling down. Our sex life had never been great and now it became just once in a while.

"You remember when your father was sent to Middle East for two months. I was thirty-four and feeling my marriage as a farce. Once during a meeting with a client I met a former college-mate. After graduation he had moved to another city and was here just for that meeting. We'd never been close friends but it was good talking over old times. At the end of the meeting he invited me for dinner. I asked your grandma to take care of you and accepted the invitation. I know now that in a subconscious way I'd decided to go beyond a simple dinner since I'd dressed carefully, which I hadn't done for some time. During the dinner we got onto to intimate subject and afterwards, in the parking lot, he held me in his arms and kissed me in the lips. When he tried to put his hand up my skirt I surprised myself by saying,

"Not here, let go to a more secluded place." He was staying at his parent's home so I drove to a hotel in the outskirts and we had a long sex session. For me, after fifteen years of feeble sex, it was like having the Paradise Gate reopened. Thinking back, I must have been like a nymphomaniac. I came home very late that night. Next morning, after you were all at the school, I had a long conversation with my mother. As usual she was very supportive, she never was your father's best friend, and she gave me some good advice, telling me to myself, my career my children."

"Did you date him for a long time?"

"No, only while he stayed in town."


"Well, you know, the most difficult thing is to break the rule the first time. Also, I didn't feel guilty, I was try to fulfill my sex urge, something that your father hadn't provided for a long time. Then I started traveling frequently, which made things very easy. And you know, once you do it once it's hard to stop, you do it again and again... and it becomes part of your life. Of course I tried to be very careful, I didn't want to be a tramp, but my job brought me opportunities to meet nice men. And of course your father and I were becoming more distant from each other. We had our domestic side: you, your brother and your sister, the house, some social events but apart from that there was nothing between us. He was a dull man, doing the same job day-by-day. The only promotion he had I got it for him."

"How was that?"

"Please, never tell him I told you. The poor man would be so devastated! Your father had been working for the same company all his working life, as he is now. When his boss decided to retire your father felt he was his most likely replacement. The problem was a young engineer who'd just been hired and was competing for the same position. Your father complained that he was on the verge of loosing the chance, that his director favored the other guy because of their good relationship rather than for the guy's technical skills. As the old guy's retirement was coming closer your father was getting more stressed. He was obsessed. It was the only subject he talked about. The director of engineering development was an *******, the kind of jerk who always dresses flawlessly as if he was going to a party, and he had a way of dealing with women that was highly unpleasant.

"The wives of your father's mates told me that he was an incorrigible Don Juan, that we should be very careful with his approaches. I decided to check if it was possible to take advantage of his mean character. Your father was away and one afternoon I called him said that I would like to talk to him in private, after work. As you can imagine, he promptly accepted my request and we agreed to meet at his office the next day. As it was so late, there was nobody but him there. I sat in front of his desk and we start talking. I came straight to the point, explaining the reason for my visit. I had carefully planned my speech and he immediately start looking at me with a lustfully with undisguised stares at my body. He was trying to undress me with the eyes and wasn't paying any attention to my words. I finished by saying that promotion was very important to my husband and I was willing to do whatever would be necessary to help him get the position. He looked at me and said, with a sly voice tone of voice,

"My dear Anne, you should be more careful with your words. 'Whatever' is a dangerous word with a vast array of meanings!" As if I was trying to understand what he had said I looked at him in silence for a long time, a trick that you learn at Law Schools to neutralize the opponent. After a while I stood up and headed to the door, certain that he thought I was offended with his not so subtle proposition and had decided to turn him down. I just locked the door and walked back towards him, stopping just a few inches from his chair.

"When I said 'whatever', I truly meant 'whatever' ," I said, and lifted my skirt above my waist. Before leaving to his office I took off my panties and pantyhose and gave him a full view of my naked lower belly. You should have seen his expression, his face was pale and his eyes bulged as if they would pop out of their sockets.

"I said, 'You can think about this as well, if you like it,' turning around and exposing my butt, 'If you really want to enjoy my body, sign my husband's promotion first. And now it's getting late, I need to get back home.' I lowered my skirt and quickly ran away from his office. Needless to say, your father was promoted and I honored my share of the deal."

08-23-2006, 01:21 AM
From time to time Anne said I should start dating girls of my own age. I wasn't interested because I wasn't looking for a serious relationship and Anne provided all the sex I needed. It was clear to me that my mother saw our relation as something that wouldn't last forever. After our conversation during the weekend at the log cabin I understood her reasons but refused to take any action in the way she suggested.

One day when the subject was posed again I said, "It's OK, but the rule should apply to you as well. If you feel responsible for my situation then I feel like I'm preventing any opportunities for you as well."

Anne thought about it for a while (she always liked to consider things carefully) she said, "All right, I don't see any problem. I think you understand the uniqueness of our relationship and you're prepared to face it."

The idea that we could both have other partners was interesting to me since one of my favorite things with Anne was to hear her talk about her past sexual adventures. In the beginning she'd been reluctant to describe them but after a while she became very enthusiastic, telling me all the details.

We didn't talk about the subject again for a long time. To avoid further problems with mom I started dating some girls but instead of being the normal pleasure for a kid in his early twenties, I found it much more of a burden. Among many dates, the furthest I got was a blowjob. Most of the times I spent with my friends in the bar, pretending to Anne that I was dating.

* * *

Nothing more happened until I was twenty-one and my sexual relationship with mom had been going for more than two years, we were invited to the wedding of one of her best friend's daughters. Mom and her friend had been schoolmates at high school. She was from a very rich family from a city five hundred miles north of where we lived.

Being a wealthy family and having just one daughter they decided to give her an unforgettable wedding party. Mom and I went by car; it was an eight-hour drive and Anne and I shared the driving. We left on Friday, very early in the morning, planning to be there by one PM, and arrived roughly on time. It wasn't a house but almost a castle! Crowning a small hill, the property was set in several acres and had an astounding view of the neighboring city. Facing the house there was a huge lawn where a group of people were assembling several large tents. On a level below was a large, oval-shaped swimming pool, with a series of tall Greek columns on one side that hid changing rooms built in white marble.

The family had booked a complete hotel in the neighborhood, hired the staff of a beauty parlor with their outfits to serve the guests, and several buses to ferry people back and forth to the house. Because Anne was the bride's mother's best friend they put her in one of the guest rooms in the house whilst I was in the hotel. It was no big deal, as it was just two nights so I was OK with the arrangements and anyway, I was tired from the drive and slept the whole of the Friday afternoon. In the evening there was a dinner for the family and their closest friends, which both Anne and I were invited to.

The next day was the wedding. I wasn't used to getting dressed up so, feeling like a dog in a collar, I took the bus to the house. When I saw mom my jaw dropped open. She was only wearing light make up and her hair was simply styled, falling freely on her shoulders. Her dress was a sleeveless silk chemise, held up by thin shoulder straps. It was knee- length, dark green matching her eyes and slightly flared at the skirt. She wore a jacket, green as well, embroidered with tiny beads matching the color of the fabric. To add a final touch, she was wearing a set of pearl earrings and a collar. She was, at least at my eyes, the most beautiful woman at the party.

After the ceremony the party began. A small orchestra was playing and a battalion of waiters was waiting on the tables in the marquee. I was sat at a table with people of my own age, whilst Anne was with the family. Most of the guests knew each other so, despite their attempts to include me in the conversation, I felt somewhat left out. The girl sitting beside me was quite interesting, though. She was a bit large for my tastes but attractive. She told me she had recently broken up with her boyfriend who was there with a new girl and seemed to be using me to send some sort of "I don't give a damn" message. To begin with I was afraid it might cause a scene but it seemed that the guy wasn't particularly interested in her so I became more at ease.

After the wedding breakfast the young people and some older ones started dancing. I danced twice with the girl I'd been sitting next to then decided to check how the things were going with mom. I found her in the huge living room with several other people. Anne was sitting on a small couch with a man beside her. He was good-looking and a bit older than she was. They were involved in what seemed to be a deep conversation, mom looking at him with a friendly smile. I turned around and went back to where the young people were. Sitting there thinking about how the situation might possibly develop gave me a hard-on. After a while II went back to the living room and found mom alone. She immediatly noticed the look on my face.

"What's wrong? Have you been drinking?" She put a hand in my forehead then took me by the hand. "Let's walk a little, it will be good to you."

Who was that guy?" I asked as soon as we were out of earshot of other people.

"It's the bride's godfather, he arrived this morning."

"It seems you like him..."

"Oh yes! He's a very fascinating person...." She was clearly embarrassed.

"Are you interested in him?"

"It's hard to say. He's nice but we just talked for a short while. But it was enough to notice he seemed interested in me."

I was steering Anne along the path that led to the swimming pool. When we reached a secluded spot I grabbed mom and tried to kiss her.

"Hey, what are you doing? Stop! If someone finds us there will be a big scandal!"

"Just give me a kiss." She relented and we kissed passionately. I opened the zipper at the back of her skirt and put my hand inside. Instead of her usual pantyhose I felt the softness of her panties.

"Have you changed you mind about wearing a garter belt?" I asked.

"These are thigh-high stockings, they don't need a garter belt."

"Let me see." I broke our embrace and stepped backwards. Anne looked around a last time checking that we were alone and lifted up the skirt, revealing her long legs clad in sheer stockings and small bikini panties. She was visibly surprised by my admiration for her beautiful legs and showed them off to me for a long time. When I held her again her protests were feeble.

"I want you," I said urgently.


"Let's go to your room."


"C'mon, let's go, I need you. We can say I was a little drunk and you were taking care of me. What's wrong with that? And it's better than if I raise your skirt and **** you right now..."

"You wouldn't dare!" Anne said. I didn't answer, just pushed her against the wall a started to lift her skirt. I was on the verge of pulling them down when mom surrendered.

"OK, let's go," she whispered. We walked slowly, me pretending to be drunk, and went up the long staircase to the first floor. At the end of the corridor it turned at right angles, her room at the far end. I removed my jacket and shoes and loosened my tie.

"Lay on the bed, I'll be back soon," she said. It was a long time before she returned and I began to think she had changed her mind but eventually she came back holding a cup and a washcloth.

"Take it, it's an effervescent antacid, remember you're drunk..." She locked the door and removed her dress, leaving her only in bra, panties and the thigh-high stockings. The bra was the type without shoulder straps. She lay down by my side.

"You'd better take your clothes off," she said, "it wouldn't be good to show up later with them all wrinkled. I don't know who is the most foolish, you or me. I guess it's me that should have more common sense."

I didn't answer, just kissed her on the lips and forced my tongue into her mouth. I removed her bra and panties, leaving her stockings on and started kissing her body. I kissed her breasts, paying special attention to her hard nipples, and slid slowly down in the direction of her lower belly. Anne was trying to choke back her groans and moving her torso while I worked with my tongue in her snatch. Lubricating my finger in her *****, I inserted it into her rectum. Whilst I sucked and licked her ***** I worked my finger into her ****hole.

"Now I want you in me," she murmured.

"Tell me what you want," I teased.

"I want you to **** me... I want to feel my ***** filled with your cock. All the way... right now!"

I climbed on top of her, directing the tip of my prick at her ***** and pressed. With my dick deeply embedded in her body I took hold of mom and rolled over so she was on top of me. She started a sensuous movement with her hips and covered my mouth with hers in a passionate French kiss. I slid a hand over her back down to her ass cheeks and inserted a finger in her butt again. She stopped swaying and moaned heavily with the sudden invasion of her butt hole but then took up the pace once more.

"Do you want to **** that guy?" I asked her. She didn't answer and I probed her more deeply with my finger.

"Tell me."

"You want me to do that?"


"Then I'll do it."

"And how would you do it?"

"I don't know. Let me talk to him again. I don't think it would be difficult, he seems very interested. We just need to find a way..."

"But you have to tell me everything. You promise?" I was too excited and even trying to keep myself back it didn't took to long to fill mom's womb with a load of warm jism. As soon as my dick softened I took it out and we lay side-by-side, still panting heavily. We stayed that way for a long time, listening to the distant sounds of the party.

"Is there anything wrong?" I asked, feeling that there was something behind her silence.

"I was thinking that you should be down there partying with the other young people and not here in bed with your own mother," she answered.

I had faced this a couple of times before, mostly when there were young people around.

"Listen Mom, I'm not interested in other girls. All they really want is to find a nice guy to marry. I don't want to waste my time with a relationship that doesn't mean anything to me. I've got the rest of my life to worry about things like that."

She knew I was serious and didn't question me anymore. We dressed and went back downstairs to the party. I spotted mom's friend talking to some other people and she steered me to the front door. I was doing my best to pretend to be still a little drunk, walking slowly with glazed eyes until Mom put me in the bus back to the hotel

It took me a long time to fall asleep, imagining Anne and her friend. I regretted my suggestion and even considered going back to the party but I didn't want to make mom even more concerned about our relationship. On one hand I was cursing the idea of nearly forcing mom to **** another man. I was sure that she was agreeing partly to open up our relationship. On the other hand it was pretty exciting to imagine what she and him might be doing at that moment.

Eventually I fell asleep and woke up late the next morning. I quickly dressed and rushed back to the house. Mom was sat in the garden at a table talking to her friend. When I approached mom asked if I was feeling OK now and her friend asked me to sit with them and have breakfast.

I was dying to know what had happened the previous night but other people arrived and mom got involved in the conversation while my impatience increased with every second. Anne seemed so at ease, looking fresh as if she had had a quiet night's sleep. She was wearing a light, sleeveless cotton summer shirtdress. She hadn't put on any make up and her hair fell freely over her shoulders. After what seemed an endless time some of the people went back to their rooms to pack up and others decided to try the swimming pool. I was desperate to be alone with mom and was doing my best to disguise my bad mood. Mom's friend thought this was due to a hangover and came with the solution:

"Anne, why don't you show Mark the observatory? He'll enjoy the view".

At both ends of the large living room there were wooden staircases that led up to wide corridors. The south side was where the bedrooms were and the north one led to another staircase, much narrower than the other and ending in a door. Mom opened it and we entered a round, domed room. It was an astronomical observatory equipped with an old telescope. Astronomy was the hobby of my mom's friend's grandfather, the man who built the house at the start of the 20th century, but now the pollution and city lights made the telescope useless. Whilst I examined the instrument I asked mom,

"So, how was it?"

"It was all right," she answered, showing some embarrassment. I pretended not to notice.

"You went to bed together?" She blushed and nodded. I came close and hugged her, kissing her lightly on the lips.

"Hey, what is going on?" I said, "Remember our deal?"

"Well... " She began reluctantly." When I got back to the party he was waiting for me. We talked for a while about ourselves and then he took hold of my hand and invited me to dance. While we were dancing he said he'd like to see me alone. I said that would be difficult since he was leaving in the morning. He said that when I went to bed I should put a piece of paper under my door so he didn't knock on the wrong one. We danced until the party finished around midnight.

"I went back to my room, got undressed and waited for him. Soon there was a light knock on my door and opened it. He was delighted to find me naked! We had sex until dawn when he went back to his own room. He'd told me he needed to leave early in the morning and besides, it would be very embarrassing if someone had see him sneaking out of my room!"

"And how was it?" I probed.

"It was very good, he is a nice person..."

"Did you both do everything?"

"Yes, well... almost everything. When he tried to take me from behind it was very painful. He has one of the biggest and thickest dicks I've ever seen and we didn't have any Vaseline. After the first few strokes he felt was hurting me and gave up. As far as I remember that was the first time I couldn't take someone from behind. He is really huge! My butt is still stinging."

I had such a strong erection my balls aching. I approached Mom and held her by the waist.

"Are you angry with me?" she asked.

"No, there's nothing wrong, I'm pretty excited." And I forced my pelvis against her belly. She smiled and we exchange a series of short kisses. When I tried to raise her skirt she protested.

"Not here... Follow me."

Opposing the tower door there was another one. We stepped in, it was dark but I could see a spiral staircase going upwards. There was a bolt, which mom drew back and we went up to a small balcony on the roof.

"It's safe here, my friend and I used to come here to sunbathe naked she asked to have this bolt fitted so no one could surprise us in the buff," Anne explained. The west side faced the garden and the swimming pool. At the other side the ground sloped some ninety feet almost vertically to street level with an astounding view of a nearby city park.

I came close to mom and immediately started unbuttoning her dress. Soon she was naked and we were exchanging passionate French kisses. I lowered my pants and without a care shoved my dick into her soaked *****. We were both highly excited and it didn't take too long for me to fill her womb with a long sequence of spurts. After that Anne asked for a handkerchief. I didn't have one so she wiped her thighs, ***** and my dick with her own panties, which became so wet she couldn't put them back on. I slipped them in my pocket and we returned to the front lawn.

Anne's friend told me that she wanted to have a private conversation with her and they disappeared for a long time. When they came back Anne had changed her clothes. She was wearing jeans and a shirt, ready to travel. The lunch was delayed and when we eventually started back home it was getting dark. As a result of our previous evening's activities, mom went to straight to sleep and I drove in silence, only stopping to stretch my legs and refuel the car.

Anne was afraid of the last stretch. It would be 250 miles and the road was under construction for the last part. She didn't have any appointments the next day so we decided that best thing to do was to find somewhere to sleep and start again early the next morning. A guy at a gas station told us about a small hotel at the sea front some miles away.

We arrived there at sunset and it being an off-season Sunday afternoon we were the only guests. The hotel was nice and they gave us a room on the third floor facing the ocean. All the rooms had a large deck separated them from the surrounding rooms for greater privacy.

I was tired and took a quick nap until Anne woke me up for dinner.

We went downstairs and had a good seafood dinner and then went back to our room. Going out onto the deck. We looked out over the ocean with only the room lights for illumination. Mom was quiet and I guessed she was thinking of her previous night's adventures.

"Mark, there's something I want to tell you," she said, "that guy...well, he invited me to spent a weekend with him."

"That's OK," I said.

"Are you sure that you're not uncomfortable with that?"

"No, we already talked about it. I've just one question. Is he single?"

"My friend told me he is divorced but has a long-term relationship with a woman."

"Listen, I don't want to ruin your plans, but don't forget the last time you get involved with a married man. I'm not saying that you shouldn't do whatever you want, but just be careful. You're free to date anyone. There's nothing wrong if tomorrow, while we're travelling, or even at home, you find someone interesting. If you're looking for a stable relation you should look for someone that is as free as you are and can reciprocate it. I'm sure that you had enough experience of waiting for that man to find a space in his agenda or in his family affairs to be with you for a couple of hours once a while."

"You're absolutely right," was all she said. May be she was expecting more support from me but it wouldn't have been honest to give her a false opinion just to please her.

"Anne, I want you to give me a completely honest answer to this question: are you tired or bored with our relationship?"

"No! Not by any means," she exclaimed. "As a matter of fact I've never been so sexually satisfied. My only concern is about you. Sometimes I feel like I'm keeping you away from a normal life, dating girls; the kind of behavior one expects from a young man of your age."

"Mom, I wouldn't like to go over that again. I told you, I don't have any plans for a stable relationship. First of all I still have two years left at college, second, I don't see myself married and taking care of a bunch of kids. What's wrong with that?" She didn't answer. I came close to her and held her in my arms.

"This is a wonderful moment," I said, "why don't we enjoy it instead of talking about it so much? We could stay here till noon tomorrow instead of leaving early and go down on the beach."

"But I don't have a swimsuit, and neither do you.."

"That's no problem, you can wear panties and bra, they looked like a bikini. I can wear my shorts. You can leave a message with your secretary to say where you are."

After she'd thought about it, mom agreed enthusiastically to my suggestion. It seemed that I'd been able to get around the storm once more. I just doubted how many more times I would be able to do it. We started kissing each other with growing excitement and at the same time I begun to unbutton her blouse.

When the blouse was off I broke our kiss and at that moment, looking over her head to the huge boulder I saw someone moving. It seemed as if he was looking for a better position to see us. Instead of being angry that stranger was spying on Anne and I it increased my excitement. Without telling her about our audience, I unfastened her belt and pulled her jeans down. After another hot kiss I whispered in her ear:

"Don't look now but there's someone looking at us from over by the boulder."

"Are you sure?"

"Oh yes. I can see him moving so he can see us better. Do mind him watching us?"

"If you don't mind I don't mind either."

"He'll see you completely naked, do you know what I mean?"

"No bra, no panties, no nothing..." she answered with a sly smile. Putting her hands on my chest she pushed me backwards and with a sensual movement unclasped her bra. Then she placed her thumbs in the waist of her panties and very slowly pushed them down. It was clear that she was having great fun exposing her naked body to the unknown man behind the boulder, who must have had a great view.

Coming close again she grabbed my shirt and pulled it up in a rush. I held her in my arms again, feeling her hard nipples poking against my chest. We exchanged another kiss and then I began to kiss her breasts. In spite of her age her breasts were still firm, probably due to their not being too large. The small dark brown nipples were really hard. I took one in my mouth her body shivered as I sucked it avidly. I worked on her **** for a long time, taking special care with her nipples. I kissed downwards towards her belly, loving her soft skin, and inserted the tip of my tongue in her navel. Then, kneeling in front of her I parted her **** lips. Immediately my nostrils were assailed by the exquisite scent from deep within her body; a unique mixture of urine, sweat and sex juice. Anne leant backwards, supporting herself with her elbows over the handrail. She opened her legs and bent her knees, pushing out her lower belly.

After enjoying the close-up of her **** and smelling its wonderful odors I couldn't stand anymore and placed my mouth over her snatch. She held my head and pulled it against her. I worked on her ***** for a long time, alternating long licks from top to bottom with inserting my tongue in the crevice and sucking her small clitoris. Mom lost any restraint and was moaning and panting so loudly that anyone in the courtyard could have heard the sounds of her excitement.

She not only pulled my head against her body but also pushed her lower body forward and swayed it in a high sensual way. Her excitement made her body shiver uncontrollably in countless shock waves. I felt her body stiffen and a strange, hoarse sound came from her. It seemed as if she was on the verge of fainting as her body relaxed. I stood up quickly and held her in my arms. Her eyes were glazed, her mouth open and she was breathing heavily, like someone who had just emerged from a pool after a long swim. She placed the arms around my neck and I supported her weight on my body.

"Are you OK?" I asked.

"Y-e-s... I'm ... My...God... you almost killed me," she said, still panting. "I've never had an orgasm like that. I don't think I can walk..." she added.

We stayed there exchanging caresses for some time. Anne was sated but I was still aroused, my dick aching inside my tight jeans.

"Let's go back inside." I suggested and, holding mom by the waist, we headed back to our room.

When we were there she said, "Wait a moment," and went back on the balcony. She returned holding her clothes. "Our show wasn't complete," she said. "He didn't see my front properly..."

I was already naked and pulled her over me on the bed. She grabbed my cock and began to suck it as if it was a lollipop, licking it from the top of the knob down to the base of the shaft, alternating her tongue with little bites.

"Let me drink your sap," she whispered, first taking the knob in her mouth and then the full length of the shaft. She accelerated the up and down movements of her head, combining it with hand strokes. It usually takes me some time to cum with a blow job but I was so excited that I felt the eruption from my balls and then it was flowing continuously into Anne's mouth. As usual she drank it all without missing a drop. After we were both satisfied she came close to me and I held her in my arms the way we did every night.

"Oh my God, I'm becoming a debauched woman."

"Why are you saying that?"

"Besides having a love affair with my own son I'm doing all the nasty things a normal human being considers unacceptable, things like we did on the deck."

"And what's wrong with that?"

"I don't know, and it really doesn't matter. It's interesting, I was thinking about it. With you I have a degree of freedom that I've never had before with any other men. I mean things like the way we talk, I was always very careful, I never asked to be " ****ed" or said "**** me in the ass". It was always "put it in me" or "take me from behind". With you everything seems so natural, not only the language but our actions as well. I don't feel uncomfortable or inhibited telling you about my past or sharing the things I'm doing such as last night. I remember the first time I told you about the things I have done. I said to myself: 'my son will start thinking that his mother is the worst kind of slut'. Then I figured that talking about my past wasn't any worst than giving my body to you!"

"You don't need to worry; I love you the way you are. There's nothing wrong with what we are doing. I don't care about what other people think, I'm happy and I believe you are happy too. That's what really counts. I love your stories. This afternoon when I was driving I started thinking about what happened yesterday and I came to a conclusion that it would be perfect if I could watch."

"Really? You would like to see me... having sex with someone else?"

"Yes, would be good. What do you think? Is it too crazy?"

"Oh, no! There's nothing wrong, if you like it...Do you know what amazes me? How similar our ideas about sex are. Yesterday, when you said that it would be all right for me to have sex with that man I was concerned with your behavior afterwards. The majority of people are very possessive about their partners, only a few are capable of enjoying sex to its fullest extent and the reason is, one must get rid of some ancient rules. It is not easy, for me it was very difficult to understand at first."

"And how did it happen?"

"I know that you are going to be surprised. It was that man I told you was my great love!"

"You're right. It's hard to believe."

"That's the beauty of it. He taught me how to separate love and sex. For him you love just one person but sex is a physiological necessity, like breathing or eating. One day we were talking and he said that since he traveled very often it was OK if, instead of masturbating to satisfy myself, I looked for someone else to do it. In the beginning I was very upset with him and we almost broke up. I was seventeen, deeply in love with him, and it wasn't easy to understand. The other think I learnt form him was how to discuss a subject in a theoretical level. It very much helped me in my job. We returned to the subject a couple of times and one day he challenged me. He said that I should have an experience and then I would see for myself if was able to do it or not. I reluctantly agreed and we didn't mention the subject for some time.

"One day, he asked me to come to his apartment on a certain afternoon. There he introduced me to his best friend, the helicopter pilot that died on the same flight as him. After the introductions he explained to me why his friend was there and asked if I was ready for the test. You can understand my embarrassment but I agreed. He left the apartment saying that he would be back in a couple of hours. To cut a long story short I had sex with his friend and afterwards he and I had one of the hottest sex sessions of our lives. He make me promise that I would try to do it by myself."

"And your lover?"

"It was completely different; I have it very clear now. He never loved me, he was a frustrated man, married to a woman that never fully satisfied him and at a certain moment he found someone willing to do it."

We were both tired and mom come close to me. I turned off the lamps and we went straight to sleep, soothed by the sound of the wind and waves.

* * *

As usual I woke up earlier than mom. I enjoyed those moments because they were a unique opportunity to look at her. When she was awake she didn't like it, saying that I would notice the wrinkles around eyes. I always replied that the few wrinkles added beauty to her face. We'd slept with all the windows opened, the room was enough light to allow me a long and close examination of that wonderful woman peacefully asleep in her glorious nakedness. I thought about all that happened in the last two days and that was enough to cause an immediate hard-on.

I then start kissing her face and massaging her ****. Slowly she opened her eyes and I pressed my lips against hers. I rolled over her body and pointed my prick at her *****. In spite of being dry her vagina engulfed my dick until it was deeply embedded in her body. I did my best to make our sex session last as long as I could. I ****ed my mother's ardent sex box slowly and we exchanged kisses and caresses until neither of us could stand anymore. Anne had had several orgasms when eventually I poured my semen into the deepest of her womb.

After breakfast we bought suntan oil and borrowed an umbrella and an icebox from the hotel and headed for the beach. There was no one around; but even so we decided to walk a quarter of a mile from the hotel. A tall sand dune separated the beach from a shallow saltwater lake so we didn't think we'd be disturbed. Anne said she was OK with someone spying on her providing there was a safe distance between them! Her panties looked enough like bikini bottoms but my briefs were clearly not swimming trunks! I spread oil over her body and she did the same with me. It was a hot day and after a while we decided to bathe. Once soaked, her underwear became almost transparent, also the elastic in the waistband wasn't strong enough and every time she was hit by a wave her panties slid down, partially uncovering her butt.

"Why don't your take them off," I said on the way back to the umbrella, "It doesn't make much difference."

"OK, but you must promise not to misbehave. It would be hard to explain if someone catches us fooling around here!" I promised and she took off the panties.

"I didn't know you like to show off your body!" I said.

"Well, there is nothing wrong with it. It's good to know there's someone enjoying the sight of your naked body."

"And do you do it very often?"

"Sometimes, but never at home."

"And why not at home?"

"Sometimes it can be dangerous. I friend of mine once called me. She was very scared. She told me that she was in the habit of walking about nude at home without closing the windows. Then she began to get calls from a woman threatening her, saying that if my friend didn't stop exhibiting her body to the woman's husband she would throw acid on her.

"When was the last time you did it."

"Not long ago, when I was travelling on business. I was checking in at the hotel and the woman at the front desk, after giving me the key, advised me to take care since the men in the an apartment building across the street used to spy on the guests, so I would be better if I kept the curtains closed. When I came back from my work I remembered the advice. With the lights off I looked through the curtains and, as she'd said, there were several men at the windows opposite with their lights off. There was even one who had a telescope! I decided to have some fun and opened the curtains, pretending not noticed the men, and turned on the lights.

"To tease them as much as I could I remove each peace of clothing slowly. I walked about without my blouse, then took off my skirt and panty hoses then, to their frustration, I went to the bathroom! After a long shower I returned to the room wrapped in a towel, let it fall and showed off my naked body. I stayed naked for a long time because I decided to call your grandma and she talks endlessly as you know. I laid on the bed and rolled over several times giving them an eyeful of both sides of my body. I'm sure that day they were rewarded for the times everyone else closed the curtains."

It was very hot and we were sipping sodas. Suddenly mom said, "I'd better go to water, I need to pee..."

"Why don't you do here?"

"Do want to see me do it?" I nodded and she sat on the edge of the towel, her torso supported by her arms, her legs apart. Her ***** was tight in spite of having had three children but sitting in such a position her **** lips were parted, showing a little bit of the pink inside. After some moments a weak stream started to dribble from her then quickly it became a strong flow and she pissed for a long time. Afterwards she wiped her ***** with the towel.

"Do you have another man who you could have an adventure with?" I asked her.

"Maybe, I'm not sure."

"And who is he?"

"One of my clients, we've been working together for over a year."

"Why do you believe he is a potential lover?"

"Intuition, experience I suppose. I've caught him looking at me several times and he almost always goes red in the face. His company's headquarters are in another city and every time he comes to ours he calls me to make sure I'll be there. It's funny because in our first meeting we had a big argument. He said I was wrong about a clause and I wasn't. But after that we've had good dealings."

"Do you like him?"

"Oh yes, he is very interesting. Younger than I am, maybe late thirties, early forties. A little bit shy but I'm sure that if I give him a chance he would grab it."

We chatted for a while until she decided to take another dip in the ocean. After looking around for any strange men she stood up. She stepped slowly over the soft sand, her ass swaying in a very sensuous way, quite different from the way she usually walked in her high heels. She gave me another unforgettable view when she came out . Her body was lightly tanned and glistened wetly under the sun. I couldn't resist standing up to hold her in my arms. She put both arms around my neck and leant her body against mine.

"You know that you looked like a goddess emerging from the sea?"

"Really? You're so sweet!" I kissed her lightly in the lips and she clung to me, her rock hard nipples trying to puncture my chest. She slowly rubbed her lower belly against my crotch.

"Anne, I love you!" I told her.

"I love you too and you don't know how much I like it when you call me Anne. I feel like another woman, not your mother, just your girlfriend, your lover..."

"I was thinking about that," I said, "there are three different Annes: the sweet mother that took good care of me when I was young, the serious attorney, and the third one, my favorite, when you're hot and horny. Sometimes I hate the fact that I'm your son."

"Why? What's wrong with that?"

"If you weren't my mother I would like to marry you and put a baby inside your belly."

"We both know that's not possible," she said and I heard a bit of anger in her voice, though she didn't stop grinding her belly against me while we spoke. In spite of making me promise to behave she was doing her best to arouse me.

"Why don't we go back to the hotel, there's a couple of things that I want us to do together," I said.

"And what are those?" she asked trying to tease me.

"Well, you have a small round hole hidden between these two wonderful mounds," I said, stroking her ass. "I want to kiss it until you cry and afterwards I will insert my cock very slowly, inch by inch. When it's all the way inside I will fill you with thick, warm jism. Talking about that, how is it doing?" Her body was shaking and she pressed her body hard against me.

"Just a little bit sore, nothing that will stop you. Let's go." We quickly packed our stuff, mom dressed in her panties and tee shirt and we rushed back to the hotel. In our room she quickly removed the panties and tee shirt again and hugged me.

"We can shower later," she said breathlessly, "now I need you very badly. I feel like my insides are melting. I never felt so horny in all my life." I quickly removed my clothes and we lay on the bed, our bodies slippery with the oil.

"Please take me!" she pleaded, coming close to me and inserting my cock in her flooded *****. I decided to tease her a little more and allowed her to insert only the knob inside her..

"You need to tell me what you want us to do," I said, moving my body backwards a little to avoid going deeper.

"I ... I want you to **** me... **** me ... push your prick deep in my body... I want to feel you all the way inside me... your knob hitting my uterus. Before you fill my butt with your cream I want to feel it burning my insides. Please **** me, I'm going crazy... if you don't do it RIGHT NOW I'll go downstairs naked and ask for the first man I find to **** me!"

With a single thrust I shoved my prick into her and started pumping. "Is that what you want?"

"Oh yes, **** me... **** me... more..." she cried. I pumped her with violence, shoving it all the way in her snatch. When our bodies touched it sounded like someone being slapped. She was crying so loudly that someone walking in the corridor could have heard her moans. She grabbed me by the hair and we kissed passionately, our tongues snaking into each other mouths. and I felt my cum, like melted lead being spurted in the inmost of her body. Her body shook like She was in a trance, her throat emitted strange noises like someone choking and her nails raked the skin of my back. Then Anne remained still for so long time with the eyes shut that I thought she'd fainted, breathing heavily, but then she slowly came back to life.

"I think I'm turning in an hysterical old *****..." were her first words.

"Never say that again!" I told her, "You are a sexy and horny woman, that's all. And I love the way you are. My little lover!" My dick was still semi-erect and embedded in her *****.

"Oh my God! I don't know what's wrong with me, I'm always horny. This fire never seems to go out!"

"Its OK, I'll do my best to help you."

"Seriously, I don't know what's going on. Yesterday we had sex, I had sex with that man, slept for just a few hours and during the shower I was so excited that I needed to satisfy myself!"

"Do you do that very often?"

"After the first time with you was the first time I ever did it! Now let's have a shower." We showered together, cleaning each other's others body thoroughly.

"There's still something we must do," I said. She didn't answer and we returned to the bed. She lay on her belly with her legs open. I parted her ass checks and gazed at her back opening then placed my mouth over her anal ring, forcing my tongue into the hole. Mom sighed, her buttocks covered in goose bumps. I repeated the movement, forcing my tongue further into her ass and felt her bottom being thrust against my face. For a long time I tongue ****ed Anne's ass while she swayed her buttocks slowly and moaned. When my tongue was aching I picked up the lotion bottle and poured a generous amount over her back opening. After lubricating a finger I inserted it into Anne's rectum. She moaned in ecstasy with the rectal massage. I continued it for a long time, working my finger in her tight hole, admiring her lotion-covered anus. I withdrew my index finger and put three fingers together back into her anus. Mom humped her butt and moaned but did not complained about the invasion.

After working my fingers for some time I decided that now was the proper moment to replace the fingers with my prick. I lay on my back and asked Anne to squat over my crotch. This was one of my two favorite positions for anal sex. Mom was squatting over me with her back towards me, one leg on each side of my body. I've found that this is a favorite with many women, since they say they can control the extent of the penis in their rectums. I like it because you can watch the sensuous sway of their butt and your prick inserted in the back door at the same time. It's always fascinating to watch your prick touching the woman's butt hole, feel the pressure of her body against the tip of the knob, and see the sphincter slowly stretching until it's engulfed by her rectum. Not even a virgin ***** is as tight as an anus and the feeling of your dick being squeezed by the anal ring is unequaled.

Silently mom rode my pole like the experienced rider she was. She knew how much I liked that position and did her best to please me, sitting on my prick with it fully inside her and squeezing her anal muscles tightly, raising her torso until only the knob remained inserted and very slowly burying the shaft into her rectum again. I enjoyed the sight of my prick framed by the light brown ring as it disappearing inside mom's **** hole. After my previous orgasm it took me a long time until I was ready for another cum. When she eventually felt that I was close to cumming she lowered her body all the way, sitting on my lower belly and making large circular movements with her hips while I spurted a into her guts.

Afterwards we were both exhausted so we rested a while and then in order to save time we skipped lunch and drove back home.


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i did a real quick scan of a few
mom/son isnt really my forte
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TribalWar.com : Breaking your scroll wheel since 1999


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TribalWar.com : Breaking your scroll wheel since 1999


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