Boerboel attacks owners - takes 3 shots from the police and then breaks through gate-

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08-16-2005, 12:40 AM

for the record, we have a 8 month old boerboel that is pushing 135lbs. He will be around 200lbs full grown ;)

South African Mastiff aka Boerboel.

Also, I know the breeder that sold them this dog. We did not get ours from her, but she is knowledgable and says these people were a little odd - they have quite a few dogs/cats(freak cat lady).

SANDWICH - Police believe three of seven shots fired at an out-of-control dog that attacked its owners Sunday may have killed the animal, which fled into a heavily wooded area off Tupper Road and hasn't been seen since late Sunday morning.

Draco, a 2-year-old South African mastiff, turned suddenly on its owner, Kim Kirsch, and her mother, Barbara Shaner, the chairman of the Sandwich Historical Commission and a member of the town's planning board.

Town officials have not ruled out the possibility that the dog may have been rabid and have alerted state health officials.

Sandwich animal control officer Timothy Houlihan said efforts to locate the dog would likely resume, though at this point town officials believe they may be looking for its remains rather than a ferocious animal.

After Kirsch and Shaner were bitten by the animal Sunday morning, they quickly sought refuge inside a secure chain-link-fence kennel in the backyard of Kirsch's Tupper Road residence.

Kirsch said they yelled for help for about half an hour before an employee of Heritage Nursing and Rehabilitation Hospital, directly east of her residence at 26 Tupper Road, heard the cries and called 911. Sandwich police received the call at 10:38 a.m. and arrived moments later.

Kirsch's backyard is surrounded by a 6-foot-tall stockade fence, but the heavy-duty barrier was no match for the frenzied and injured dog, which rammed the fence gate at least three times before the door popped open.

The dog, a member of a large and rare species known to make superior guard animals, bolted toward Tupper Road with police officers in pursuit. It entered a heavily wooded area north of the road and west of Briarwood Avenue, near the Mirant Canal power plant.

The dog was last seen around 11 a.m. Sunday, said Sandwich police officer Robert Brun, one of three officers who fired on the mastiff. Brun said there had been no reported sightings since then, leading police to believe the animal may have died.

The authorities yesterday did not search the dense woods and undergrowth north of Tupper, as they did all day Sunday into the night, but police beefed up patrols in the area.

The police requested that anyone who sees the animal, dead or alive, to be cautious and immediately call 911 or 508-888-1212.

Sunday's fruitless search ended around 8 p.m. A state police helicopter from Plymouth joined the search and used thermal imaging equipment to try and locate the animal.

Unprovoked attack
Kirsch, 30, is a trainer at a local gym. She said she was in the process of cleaning Draco's doghouse when the powerful dog ''started growling at me.''

Then, she said, the dog suddenly jumped up and bit the side of her upper left arm, just below her shoulder. Shaner quickly came to her daughter's assistance.

''The reason my mom got bit is she tried to pull him off me,'' Kirsch said.

Kirsch said the bite to her upper left arm, which was bandaged, required some stitches. She also had visible bruise and scratch marks.

She said her mother was bitten on her right forearm, but was not seriously injured.

''She just has a compression bandage on her arm,'' Kirsch said of Shaner

After holing up inside the kennel for about 30 minutes, police arrived and the injured women authorized them to use deadly force.

''I had my face down; I didn't want to see it,'' said Kirsch, adding that she had no idea why the dog had suddenly gotten aggressive with her.

''They peeled off about seven bullets,'' she said of officers Brun and Brian Bondarek.

''I never thought I'd say, 'Shoot my dog,' but I did.''

Draco had been kept at Shaner's house on Route 6A for about three weeks, but about a week ago was shifted to Kirsch's Tupper Road residence.

In the roughly four weeks the women have had the dog, it has never showed any signs of aggression toward them, Kirsch said.

''He was wary of strangers but not uncontrollable,'' Kirsch said of the 2-year-old, 145-pound dog, which outweighed her by roughly 35 to 40 pounds.

Kirsch said she and her mother had just recently gotten into dog breeding, hoping to make money from the purebred South African mastiff, also known as a Boerboel.

Kirsch said they paid $5,000 for the animal, which was purchased from a Missouri breeder in June. She declined to name the breeder.

''When you buy a stud dog, you're buying something that costs a lot of money,'' she said.

Kirsch said she has papers proving the dog was a purebred, and they appear to be legitimate.

Rabies a concern
The fact that the dog was originally imported from South Africa, however, worries Houlihan.

''Right now, we're trying to see if the dog was vaccinated here in the U.S. for rabies,'' he said. ''And, right now, I don't have that documentation. They cannot produce that documentation.''

Houlihan said he was waiting for Kirsch to provide evidence that the dog received all requisite immunizations, including rabies shots.

With rabies now a serious problem on Cape Cod, ''it's always a concern,'' said Houlihan, questioning the wisdom of importing potentially dangerous species from Africa to Sandwich.

He said he has alerted the epidemiology division of the Massachusetts Department of Health to inform them about the incident.

Houlihan was not on duty at the time of Sunday's attack, but he later joined the search effort for the mad dog. He defended the police officers who opened fire on the animal, noting that it appeared to be justified in light of the circumstances.

In just a few minutes, he said, ''they had to make a split decision of what to do.''

Houlihan said a tranquilizer gun was borrowed from Zooquarium in West Yarmouth. But officials had no darts to use.

''It's not common practice for us to be shooting domesticated animals,'' said Houlihan, noting that the last such incident, which also involved a dog, happened about six years ago. Lethal force is only taken in extreme circumstances, he said, particularly when people's lives are in jeopardy.

Police first shot the dog in Kirsch's backyard Sunday, then again as it ran into the woods north of Tupper Road near the power plant.

Officer Brun described Draco's head as about the size of a beach ball, and the 9 mm bullets police pumped into the dog's muscled body didn't seem to faze the animal in the least.

''He was running around the whole time. It was probably like a bee sting to him,'' Brun said.

More officers with heavier-caliber firearms joined the pursuit.

Dominant and fearless
South African mastiffs, also known as the South African Boerboel, are specifically bred to be dominant and fearless, though experts say they are not specifically bred to be aggressive.

They are, however, renowned for an instinctive ability to sense when their masters feel threatened, which is why they are considered the premiere guard dog.

Sandwich Selectman Thomas Keyes said ''there has not been any call at this point'' for his board to review the town's kennel policies.

Kirsch said she has several other dogs on her premises - another South African mastiff, a mastiff mix, and a half-dozen puppies.

''I've dealt with big dogs all my life and I'm really not scared of them,'' she said.

That's why Sunday's incident was so unsettling, she said.

Kirsch said this is her first foray into breeding, a topic she researched extensively before getting started.

''It's not like I don't want to take responsibility for this, but I had no idea that Draco was going to do that,'' she said.

Shaner did not return phone calls yesterday.

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pics of dog from article at 4 months and a year and a half.

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Did it eat your wrinkled dogs?

08-16-2005, 12:51 AM
Did it eat your wrinkled dogs?
nope, my lil shar-pei is going on 14 years old at my parents house. she is 4 years past their average life span.

08-16-2005, 12:52 AM
looks like badmofo in dog form

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After reading that, I have an urge to eat a Sandwich.

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http://www.ataraxia.ozehosting.c om/boerboel/moisho1.jpg

08-16-2005, 01:18 AM
Bred specifically for killing kaffirs. This one must have been colour blind.

08-16-2005, 02:21 AM
badmofo died and got reincarnated? oh wait nvm.

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Damn, that's like 20 mins from my house.


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those things are awfully heavy for their size. They must have some thick bones.

08-16-2005, 07:47 AM
why are you readnig a site for south africans again?

08-16-2005, 07:59 AM
Bred specifically for killing kaffirs. This one must have been colour blind.

god i love that word; kaffir

08-16-2005, 08:05 AM
Bred specifically for killing kaffirs. This one must have been colour blind.

wtf, i thought that i owned that word. also, entirely true statement.

08-16-2005, 09:31 AM
wtf, i thought that i owned that word. also, entirely true statement.
negatory on the word.

the rightful owner to that word is spearchucker who is in fact south african and just mainly reads the boards. he's an old co-worker and still co-worker of StinkFist. great, hilarious guy. J-dub

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negatory on the word.

the rightful owner to that word is spearchucker who is in fact south african and just mainly reads the boards. he's an old co-worker and still co-worker of StinkFist. great, hilarious guy. J-dub
wtf is J-dub?

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I hear these dogs are pretty popular among Whites in South Africa... :ralf:

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Bred specifically for killing kaffirs. This one must have been colour blind.
hahaha :lol:

thanks to lethal weapon 2, I know what that word means!