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[no pics] lemon butter halibut with cilantro pesto and spanish rice

08-10-2009, 07:55 PM
sorry camera battery is currently dead as doornails

but anyway, last night I made some lemon butter halibut filet topped with a cilantro pesto and some spanish rice on the side

the fish is real straight up saute a couple minutes on each side while basting with melted butter and lemon juices (tilt pan and spoon juices over filets)

but that's the last part

the cilantro pesto;

a bushel of cilantro leaves stems mostly removed
half bush of parsley stems removed (by bush or bushel I mean the size you buy at most grocery stores)
olive oil
pine nuts
and some kind of nutty/salty cheese, I used manchengo ( a good mexican style parmesan like cheese)

place cilantro and parsley into food processor, pulse a few times
add pine nuts, pulse a few times more
emulsify with olive oil and add cheese
mix until creamy and smooth (just like any other pesto)

spanish style rice
white long grain rice
carrots cubed
onion minced
frozen peas

1 cup rice, 2 cups beef broth/water/chicken broth (I used beef broth)
brown rice in saute pan in butter
drain and reserve butter/oil place rice in pot bring to boil let simmer 20 minutes covered do not remove cover
after 20 minutes quickly sautee the carrots and onions, just a few seconds
uncover rice toss veggies in (no need to sautee frozen peas) mix rice and recover

let set for ten minutes (while this is setting cook your fish)
put fish on plate, drizzle some cilantro pesto on it
put a scoop of the rice on the plate (more cilantro pesto on that if you want)

and enjoy

next time I'll take pics

oh and I also used the remaining cilantro pesto along with some pinot grigio vinegar to marinate some hanger steak that I'm going to serve with hatch chile verde sauce and probably a bourbon reduction

but that's later :sunny:

08-30-2009, 06:48 PM
Friggin tried it last night for supper....Awesome

08-31-2009, 01:03 PM
cilantro stems actually have as much if not more flavour than the leaves.

edible and give some crunch - great for soups as well.