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Most helpful diet tips.

05-29-2007, 06:24 PM
I was going to call this "Most common diet errors", but because I believe they're the most common errors, they tend to be the most helpful for the majority and the other title sounds better. :D

1. The most common mistake I see people make is not eating something in the morning.

As long as you eat something, drink juice, or even drink a glass of water you're set because it's better than NOTHING. It's so important to have that metabolism going as early as possible.

I used to think that if I ate a lot the night before I would skip breakfast because of the calories. That's retarded, you should at least eat something light ESPECIALLY if you ate a lot the night before. The quicker that metabolism gets running on high, the quicker what's left over in your intestines will be used as energy instead of being stored as fat.

Remember in school your teacher would explain to you the effect 0's have on your final grade? e.g. Say you have 33 assignments in a quarter, 31 of those assignments you got 100% on. Just two zeros could send you down to a 93%. Increase to six and you're looking at an 81% even though the other 27 assignments were perfect scores. Same idea with this: If you're not starting your metabolism early most days, your metabolism will ****ing suck overall. I believe this becomes even more important whenever you're at an inactive job, and never exercise in the morning. At least if you force yourself to move hard despite skipping breakfast your body will be stimulating muscles for growth once you do finally eat.

Waiting four hours for lunch time to come around is unacceptable. After ONE week of that you've lost 28 hours that your body should have been actively metabolizing. So, to go back to the zero score analogy: By not eating until lunch time, supposing you woke up at 8 AM and waited to eat at 12 PM, you basically dropped your metabolism "grade" to 75% of your total potential!!!!

12 hours x 100% active metabolism + 4 hours x 0% active metabolism
_____________________divi ded by_______________________ ____
16 total hours awake a day

Obviously I have no fitness expertise and there are a lot of variables missing. But, I believe this helps to illustrate the uphill battle it actually is to keep your metabolism going. That uphill battle starts in the morning.

Cereal is my top choice, it's just so easy. Orange juice (I usually get something more exotic like pineapple banana orange) is a nice choice because it'll help cleanse your system from the dumb****tory of last night. Did I mention the Vitamin C helping to prevent colds and a $3 2 quart bottle (~1.89 liters) should last you the majority of, if not the entire week? After that I resort to straight milk or water.

2. People who never drink water. Water is the filler for your oral fixation over an active day. Most times you feel an oral fixation it is you craving water. This is the real reason why most smokers are skinny, they just want their pacifier they could give a **** about food. If you don't have water then use a toothpick or a straw and suck on it. Buy gum. Yell at your little sister. Anything to satisfy the needs of those oral fixations without adding calories and ****ing up your diet or health. Face it, you still need a pacifier or a bottle.

3. People who never eat vegetables. Wtf is wrong with these people?? How do they expect to get nutrients?? Eat fried chinese bare minimum twice a week if you have to! Some is better than none!

-Eat breakfast, kickstart the metabolism
-Calorie-less solutions to replace overeating, smoking, and other bad habits revolving around oral fixations
-Eat vegetables as part of your diet

05-29-2007, 11:56 PM
Want the best diet tip I've heard? It came from this very forum.

Food is fuel, not fun.

When you look at food, think that.

05-30-2007, 12:00 AM
My biggest problem is I have trouble eating over 2000 calories a day if I'm eating healthy.

I have to drink a couple protein shakes a day to get there. :\

06-05-2007, 04:40 PM
Want the best diet tip I've heard? It came from this very forum.

Food is fuel, not fun.

When you look at food, think that.

Big Monkey
06-05-2007, 07:08 PM
Very good tips.

Speaking of low-cal solutions, what do you guys think about low-fat foods?

Anyone who knows about Atkins is aware that low-fat or fat free items usually substitute sugar/carbs in it's place for whatever reason.

I bought a small jar of fat free mayo to mix with my tuna, cuz I like mustard and mayo with it. I've also been eating fat-free cottage cheese.

Does fat free stuff only concern those who swear by Atkins or other low-carb diets? What about people who follow a balanced diet menu like I'm trying to do.