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Healthy Off-Season Hockey Workout?

05-26-2007, 09:29 AM
I have 3 months, and I am out of shape. I'm 5'9, 183ish. I'm running sprints, doing steps, possibly using a weight vest after a week or two, and doing endurance lifting for a month. Hopefully, this will tone my body back into shape with a well refined diet. The next month I am bulking up to get back to around 180 pounds, with pure muscle, my workout will entail squats, bench pressing, and any other tips for bulking up..The third month will be lifting, and playing hockey with a weight vest on 2 days a week, then for one day on the ice, I will be without one, using a weighted puck on all days.

In every workout, I will do situps with an incline.
Any tips, is this healthy? Could this damage my body in anyway? How many rest days should I give myself a week, assuming I can go to the gym every day??