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[GG]Guilty Gear XX Accent-Core

09-17-2006, 05:03 AM
Apparently a new revision of Guilty Gear XX called Accent-Core is currently in location testing. Latest information states a December release date.
(OFN to the community, but not to TW it seems. I imagine someone out there cares.)

Some info (grabbed from DustLoop):

-Character select screen changed.

-Right half of the screen has all the cursors of the characters.
-Left half shows the picture of the selected character.
-Bottom half has all the cursors of the characters.
-Upper half shows the picture of the character that you have your cursor
-New illustration for each character!
-New colors.

-Voices are all re-recorded.

-Frames Changed.
-New designs for "Let's Rock, health bar, etc."
-Blue "Beat" now turns color to yellow. Yellow "Beat" now changes color
to blue.

-BGM's Changed.

-Effects Changed!
-Super moves:
-Before:"Blackout - super move"
-AC:"Blackout - effect - super move"
-Hitting effects are now drawn like GGX hitting effects. "looks awesome"
-The red background of dust combos are now changed to blue.

-New Hitting Property
-Ground slide: Enemy becomes airborne when an attack hits while sliding.

-Faster Game Speed?
-Tension gain feels faster, apparently..

-New Systems-

-Force Break: Allows you to perform an EX version of special moves by
spending 25% tension. (each one of them have different commands)
-Blackout like super moves when used.

-Slash Back: Back + S + HS right before you block your enemy's attack.
(cannot be performed vs lv1 moves)
-Much less block stun than instant blocking.

-Throw Break: 4 or 6 + HS as soon as your enemy tries to throw you.
(also possible vs airthrows)

-Tension gauge:
-0~49% = Blue
-50~99% = Green
-100% = Red

Random Videos
http://youtube.com/results?search_query=GGXX AC&search=Search

09-17-2006, 05:59 AM
God this is the greatest 2d figher I've ever played

midnight carnival # reload was at least

Ben Reed
09-17-2006, 06:45 AM
I dunno about this latest GGXX revision, it seems like it'll wear out its welcome quick among consumers if all we ever get is endless revisions.

The new system revisions seem a little redundant and un-needed, too...are they gonna take out Instant Blocking altogether if they put in the new Force Block? Because otherwise if no Tension (super meter for those who don't speak GG) is involved, the stun reduction is even greater, and the timing is less strict to FB(I presume), I don't see why you would bother IBing anymore. This will probably be really huge for Potemkin, he relies a lot on IB to recover and punish people who get on his nuts.

So they added Melty Blood-style EX moves...how well are those going to overlap with Roman Cancel? And simply for the cost of 1 FRC?

Throw Break is rather nice, though.

Too bad this revision will be a rather minor tweak compared with XX Slash...I don't see how many more new special moves they could possibly give people before they run out of input motions. I mean, hell, where Ryu in his standard revision has 3-4 special moves and 3 supers, Sol has, like, 8 special moves (not counting the aerial versions of his ground moves).

Are the new BGMs supposed to be completely new songs, or just retoolings of the GGXX tunes?

09-17-2006, 09:43 AM
I was just about to say; since its not much of a revamp rather than a tweak, AC might not be that welcomed to a new crowd. Then again, games like GGXX don't really draw much outsiders other than fighting game fans, so :bigthumb: for another edition of another great game.

btw, any idea of tier listing? I wanna see if my boy johnny moved anywhere. If not i'm sticking to sol :(, or whore up Ky, idk

09-17-2006, 06:17 PM
~Character Changes~


-FB Moves:
-Fafnir (connects to tyran rave)

Special Moves:
-Bandit Bringer. Ground bounce removed. Ground slide added.
Clean hit added. (i think)
-Grand Viper. The usual slide, then sol does something
like the first attack of tyran rave beta. Clean hit added. (wtf? might be
a mistake)
-Side Winder. Now scales higher on clean hits.
-Fafnir. removed. but EX still exists.
-Riot Stomp. Clean hit added.

Normal Moves:
-6P slower. lv1 normal move - 6P no longer connects. (no more 2k - 6p)
*edit: there was no change, 6P does connect from lv 1 moves.*


-FB Moves:
-Lightning Sphere. (236+D, after inputting charged stunedge command).
It is fast, but can not be combo'ed from c.S.
It looks like Ray Divider of Robo-Ky from GGXX.
-Charge Drive. "46+D" after performing Lightning Sphere. Looks just like Rising Force, but costs extra 25% tension. so 50% tension needed to perform this move.

New Move:
-Lightning Javelin. "623+HS" after HS Vapor Thrust. It looks like sidewinder, wallbounce on hit, very long untechable time. possible to combo after, if spaced right. also, it cannot be delay inputted like volcanic viper - kickdown.

Special Moves:
-S Stun Edge. Attack level decreased.
-Charge Stun Edge. Dissapears after traveling full screen.
-S/HS Aerial Stun Edge. Travels faster, but way more recovery frames.
-HS Vapor Thrust. Recovery frame decreased on landing.
-Greed Sabre. Ground bounce added. Untechable time decreased.
-Stun Dipper. Travels less. Activation slower, as well as traveling speed. Harder to connect from a combo.

Normal Moves:
-6K. 6K - S no longer connect. (more recovery frames?)
-2HS. One hit. pops up on counter hit. 2HS - 2D/2S-2HS gatling removed.
-6HS. Motion changed, huge forward hitbox. Ground hit causes stagger. Frame advantage decreased by a bit (dont worry). Invinsibility on feet. Can not be gatling from any normal moves.


-FB Moves:
-Jakku Haundo (Jack Hound).
She hops very low and dives. Over head. Ground Bounce on hit. Decent speed, it connect from a close hit HS, also combos from 2D (except robo). The move it self is not that powerful, so the aim is to get some damage off of the combo after landing this move.

-Irukasan Ganbatte! vertical. (Hustle, Mr.Dolphin!) (2 hold 8 HS >*5*> 8+D). May hops off of Mr.Dolphin, but Mr.Dolphin still goes on and attacks. May is free to control after she hops off (JI effective). May hops differently based on when you press 8+D.

-Irukasan Ganbatte! horizontal. (4 hold 6 HS >*5*> 6+D). May gets off of Mr.Dolphin and lands as soon as you press 6+D. JI seems useless since she lands immediately.

-Na~ntene! (Sike nah/Just Kidding) (D hold). New line: "May raria... ashimoto chuui~!".
Basically, low hitting dust after faking your enemy with a 5D. Jump cancellable, but it wont be a homing jump.

Special Moves:
-Mr.Dolphin (2 hold 8 / 4 hold 6 + S/HS). Blue cancel removed.

Normal Moves:
-6P. Chargeable. Could be charged longer than her 6H. Damage/Dizzy damage has not been set yet. Maybe at the next location test.

-3K. FRC point added. (around the end of the move)

-Dust. Slower activation.


-FB Moves:
-Drill Special (22+D). Activation frame is same as invite hell (22+S/HS). Can be performed by zato alone.

-New Moves:
-Shadow Hole (summon - release HS). Low hit, and it act as a trap. Very high damage, as well as very high prorating. Full eddie gauge usage, but the gauge starts recovering immediately.

Other Changes:
-Zato is no longer in counter-hit state while flying.
-New animations for Eddie(summon). attacking/general.

Special Moves:
-Mawaru[Idou Kougeki] (summon - release K). Property changed. Shadow moves away from the enemy and only attacks twice.
-Nobiru[Taikuu Kougeki] (summon - release S). Wall bounce added, but apparently the wall bounce was so intense that its rather difficult to combo after the bounce.
-Shou Kougeki (summon - release P). Summon bites instead of poking. Fast activation/long range.
-Chuudan Kougeki (summon - release D). A ball hops out instead of fishy.
-Shadow Gallery while in BTL state (214+K(hold)-41236+S). Ground slide on hit.
-Fly(8 >5> 8). Moving backwards no longer counts towards negative penalty. You can not normal guard attacks while flying, but zato is no longer in counter-hit state.

Just a few chatacter specific changes. You can notice more that aren't listed if you look through some of the videos.
My understanding was that the changes would be more significant than Slash, and it certainly seems that way so far.

Sammy had used one of my local arcades for localization testing of GGXX, and I am hoping they do the same with AC potentially.

09-17-2006, 06:19 PM
How about a NEW Guilty Gear game?

09-17-2006, 06:21 PM
How about a NEW Guilty Gear game?
Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's what everyone has been hoping for, so let's pray they get everything as balanced as they want this time around.

There was a "Guilty Gear BB" listed for next gen consoles some time ago, so let's see what comes of that. No info has been released as of yet.

09-17-2006, 06:26 PM
I don't mind the 2D retro look. Maybe they can up the pixel count for HD? Smooth the animations out a bit? GG could be awesome on, say, the 360. :p:

09-17-2006, 09:36 PM
Guilty Gear is already just about the best looking 2D fighter out there, though upped resolution can never hurt. The only concern is that there has been a sort of restriction on 2D games on next-gen consoles. Let's hope that they keep it 2D and try to pass it off as 3D with the backgrounds or something.