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if a zombie is a rasis

08-21-2004, 08:27 AM
will he not eat black pplz?

08-21-2004, 08:32 AM
or will he only eat black people?

08-21-2004, 08:42 AM
intersting counter point!

08-21-2004, 08:43 AM
or does he only like mexican food?

08-21-2004, 08:44 AM
All four were naked, their clothes were drying by
the roaring fireplace. They were at a mountain cabin,
far removed from all civilization. It had snowed so
hard, they were trapped and clearing the snow didn't
do them much good, it but got their gear wet through
and through.

They'd pass around a sausage so each of them took a
bite, while the others laughed, "He sure knows how to
swallow that sausage." It was Brad who first upped the

"If you think I'm so good at taking this sausage,
feed me yours buddy, if you dare"
Derek took him up on the dare,

"Here, can you handle this? It's eight inches long
and starved for attention." Rubbing his semi hard
cock, Derek stood up in front of the sitting Brad.
Brad looked up at him, smiled and took another bite of
the sausage, which he started chewing slowly. Derek
started slapping Brad's face with his hard ****pole,

"You going to swallow it, slut?"
Jack also walked to where the action was and took
Derek's hardon in his fist,

"Let's have a system and go in alphabetical order.
So Derek is first then its my turn and then Justin's.
How about it Brad?"

"We don't need no system" Brad swallowed the last
of his sausage, put it down and with his greasy hands
pulled the two hard cocks facing him together, gave
them each a squeeze, eliciting pleasurable moans from
his buddies and then swallowed them both. Derek pushed
Brad's head towards a deep fit on the two touching
shafts. Jack smiled and lifted his left hand to
Derek's right tit giving it first a gentle rub then a
rough squeeze.

Justin joined his buddies, lay down on the floor
and stuffed Brad's 9 inch steel pole in his mouth
while rubbing himself. The four guys were all doing
what they had never done before and it came naturally
to them. Jack used his free right hand to play with
Derek's *******. He rubbed it first, then inserted one
finger, then two until his buddy's sphincter hugged
three of his fingers. Brad saw what was going on and
liked it. He ejected Derek's cock from his mouth,
which was now occupied exclusively by Jack's ever more
convulsively behaving pole. He began forcefully
rubbing Derek's cock pointing it at his eyes. This
arrangement was heaven, but heaven is not meant to
last forever, no matter what they keep telling you.
Suddenly Jack started shaking, his knees folded and he
sprayed his load on Brad's face, whence some of Jack's
creamy cum splashed onto the un-swallowed part of
Derek's hardon, causing it to start releasing its
contents into Brad's mouth. The chain reaction
proceeded and Brad discharged in Justin's mouth.

But that is as far as things went. When the three
men caught their breath, Justin was still lying on the
ground frantically rubbing himself. His three buddies
smiled and then Derek decided to give Justin's
cock-juice a destination. He sat astride the lying
Justin and began riding Justin's hardon. Their two
buddies were egging them on,

"Yes, Justin, shoot your load, deep up Derek's ass.
Flood him with your man-juice."

Suddenly Justin started panting, moaning and
outright shouting "I'm cumming up your deep hole you
slut and he sprayed jet after man-jet into his buddy's
innards. Derek, overwhelmed by the action in his rear,
shot a second load without even touching himself.

When Justin pulled out of Derek, they lay by each
other and looked into each other's eyes. Their two
buddies lay on top of them and what had been four
buddies on a snowed out mountain outing, became a unit
of four young men who experienced ecstasy with each
other and would remain united forever.

08-21-2004, 08:51 AM
Hot :browsmile