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Tribes Talk

  1. [T3] What are you going to do?
  2. when can we expect concept art?
  3. Stop cheating in t3
  4. New T2 32 Man Public Server
  5. Petition for an Imposter pack in t3
  6. Join the Version2 Community
  7. Replay/Demo Capabilities
  8. controllers and tribes 1
  9. Weapon/pack balancing
  10. Marweas, Thrax - So when's the announcement of the announcement?
  11. Keep the derms out of T3!
  12. spamming
  13. Fresh Install of T1- not working, wtf
  14. extended enemy arrows=cheating?
  15. Why does tribes3.org get so much attention?
  16. About gameplay change between Tribes games.
  17. so i just spoke to irrational games
  18. Visibility
  19. [T3]Scriptability
  20. BEML T2 Classic - Join Now
  21. [T3]Flag waypoint
  22. [T:V]Laser rifle
  23. mofo pack for tribes3
  24. Vote to kick modification
  25. [T3] Portable nuke
  26. T3 movement ideas
  27. [T3] Suicide bombing?
  28. [T3] Anti-cheat mesures/Punkbuster support (Thrax/Marweas answer plz)
  29. Tribes Video
  30. td vs E5 demo
  31. The Next Tribes Full Q&A
  32. T2 goodness.. oooh
  33. Missle launcher in T3....
  34. 200 FPS.... then 6?!
  35. [T3] Shrikes?
  36. DM in T3
  37. 2 New Releases --- Skin & Movie
  38. [T1] any good players NOT on the good tribes?
  39. Tribes Fan Art?
  40. [T3] Base Design -- gonna make them have a purpose?
  41. Make Hunters not suck in T3 - It could be a very popular niche gametype
  42. SS:tribes rpg info
  43. [T3] Shoulder mounted weapons?
  44. March 29 Siege Pickup Game
  45. [T1 or T2] Community or Game?
  46. [t3]
  47. Starscape (MapMod) All New!!
  48. [t3] The return of the LPC to Tribes
  49. [TR2] Team Rabbit 2 has left the building...
  50. [T3] Doors = Big!!
  51. Menzo
  52. [T1 and 2] RDB + scripts?
  53. [t2] Coders Needed (devil's Con Mod)
  54. to the sierra guys: how far along was fast attack when you scrapped it?
  55. Need help with an odd T2 error
  56. [T3]Connection between the game and support ladders?
  57. [T2] Classic and Base++
  58. [T2] TW Forums Script Fixed
  59. [t1] problem with reticle
  60. [t1] tribes rebooting computer
  61. for ppl with a tribes cd
  62. Tribes 1 Opengl 32bit textures
  63. [T:V] Load Times
  64. [T3] Map auto download
  65. [T3] Sound
  66. [T3] Beta questions.
  67. if it's not too much trouble...
  68. Why Bioderms are Stupid
  69. Heaven - Hell Map Rotation
  70. [T3] Turtling and HOF
  71. Why T3 needs candy.
  72. Falhawk's Super T3 Pack idea
  73. T3: Hooked.
  74. tribes 1 config folder
  75. If you are getting rid of bioderms
  76. Gameplay types
  77. Voice binds you'd like to see in tribes 3?
  78. [T3] voicebind/coordination idea
  79. [T3] the sky
  80. [T3] graphics
  81. T3: A game for many.
  82. Tribes indoor vs. Quake, what's different?
  83. getting back into Tribes 2
  84. My one and only T3 request
  85. T3: The Glide pack, and why movement packs should be included in T3.
  86. [T3] New Weapon Idea
  87. [T3] Hit locations?
  88. No rocket launcher in t3 please
  89. Specials opinions are biased toward t1
  90. Tribes 3 Heavy Armor or Ghost Rider?
  91. How will tribes 3 address these issues?
  92. [T3 Discuss] Should CG Bullets be like T1?
  93. Tribes Modeling Critique Club Idea
  94. The Next Tribes: iFeel support?
  95. [T3]Disc Wake
  96. Think the tribes 3 engine will allow tunneling?
  97. [T3] Where is my ****in sword?
  98. What T3 really needs:
  99. Disc Launcher in -- anything else goes. Any guesses on their crazy ideas?
  100. Maybe this has already been addressed: Community
  101. Masters Mod
  102. Viewbob...
  103. [T3] other sites Q/A sessions?
  104. [T3] Ragdoll physics!
  105. Death Match or CTF which is more enjoyable to you
  106. [T3] Alternate Fire
  107. [T3]Adrenaline
  108. free the tribes 1 source code now!
  109. [T:X] Weapon Idea
  110. [T3] Thraxx, Marweas, do you guys play other FPS games?
  111. [T3] Wall jump.
  112. Why are there 100,000 people playing Counterstrike _right now_
  113. [T3] Resource Management
  114. NoFix still loves Tribes
  115. Help with MAs (mid air) with the disk
  116. Tribes 3 needs a training grounds map (a cool one with lots of stuff)
  117. Tribes3(omfg it's not t3 it's just the NEXT game! whatever, stfu) open beta by UVA5?
  118. [T3]Instead of Deathmatch...
  119. [T3] Gametypes
  120. Good script pack for fresh install of T2
  121. Team Play
  122. Anyone ever play Dragon Force? Something like that might make a cool Tribes game
  123. [T3] Something Tribes supported but Tribes 2 did not...
  124. New Tribes Art
  125. [T3] Demo playback
  126. [T3] Kill built in voice chat
  127. So I had a dream about Tribes 3 last night...
  128. Tribes: TNTG Soundtrack?
  129. My Vision of T3!
  130. [T3] Personal Mechs
  131. [T3] Destroyable buildings
  132. [T3] Pack Idea [Energy - Health conversion]
  133. Tribes3 -- no cd check please
  134. [T2] Cable / Dial up
  135. Sierra dudes: pick up Natural Selection and put it on a contemporary engine.
  136. Tribes RTS
  137. [T1] I nead some heavy loving ;\
  138. [T3] please for the sake of god do not use gamespy
  139. TWL loves cheaters
  140. [T3] Idea- Connecting to servers.
  141. [T3] Independant Viewer / T3TV
  142. [t3] - Certified Scripts
  143. [tribes] Xbox
  144. Map Editor Suggestions
  145. 3rd person at inv script
  146. T1: servers not showing up on join screen
  147. T1: Heaven/Hell scoring
  148. T2 Linux Server Help Needed!
  149. Isn't "Why are there 100,000 people playing Counterstrike..." a little off-topic?
  150. [T3] Nades
  151. [T3] Ski System...
  152. [T2] Siege PU - 4/21/03
  153. [T3] What I'd like to see return and why
  154. Water, lava, slime...
  155. [T3] Officially Sponsored Demo's
  156. What details do you think will be spilled on the 24th?
  157. any active HO or TF's left?
  158. T3 should bring back capping - and this doesn't just mean fixing skiing
  159. Interesting Tribes 3 details
  160. The Art of Skiing
  161. [T3] Music
  162. So what time tommorrow is this announcement being made?
  163. Sort of pissing me off about the info release...
  164. I have 2 MA Movies I'd like to submit ..
  165. News: Tribes With a Vengeance
  166. [T3] Tribes: Vengeance Wallpaper
  167. T3's art direction makes me cry
  168. Tribes Vengeance: Scripting
  169. Fonts used in the T:V logo?
  170. [T3] Judo Chop!!
  171. [T:V] Co-Op?
  172. Capture and Hold
  173. What the future holds for us.
  174. Why a Tribes single player will TOTALY ****ING KICK ASS!!!!!!!!111
  175. I'm thinking of reinstalling T2.
  176. Firetruce?
  177. TV and the unreal engine
  178. Why Vengeance?
  179. Ladders: Limited roster sizes for Vengeance.
  180. T:V for Xbox? PS2?
  181. [T2] Can someone make me a reticle?
  182. Tribes 3 Concept: Team logo's
  183. doh
  184. A warrior gathering himself before battle
  185. "Vast locations from underground caverns and forgotten cities to acid wastelands"
  186. [T1] Base ****
  187. [T3] Official Ladder
  188. Tribes 3 Bots
  189. Falling down in TV
  190. [T:V]Command Screen
  191. [T3] Graphical Effects (Eye-Candy)
  192. Irrational Games Viewing Classic Matches
  193. [T3] User Creation Pack
  194. Lanch Tubes
  195. Jump Gates
  196. [T:V] Client-side scripting?
  197. [T3] InGame HUD/Interface
  198. [T:V] Don't kick the new guys :/
  199. [T:V] I know there's an online petition out there
  200. Q&A with TV Devs on bittah.com May 7-13th
  201. T3 Skinning
  202. News: T:V FAQ
  203. T:V Skiing: Houston, we have a problem.
  204. [T3]Have it your way
  205. [T:V] The Mandatory Mine Discing Thread
  206. [T:V] Akimbo Heavies
  207. [T:V] No browser?
  208. [T3] Official 'active invy' thread
  209. News: Vengeance IRC Chat
  210. [T3] Non-3d Command Screen
  211. [T:V] The Secret Cameras Speculation Thread
  212. [T:V] Single Player Story -- I know there's not a lot to talk about but...
  213. Idea about turret control
  214. Tribes4: 1+1=3
  215. Mandatory Flag thread
  216. Body Block + Ragdoll Physics?
  217. T:V A Base Idea
  218. Lighting
  219. T:V - Solid projectiles (i.e. you can blow them up)
  220. [T:V] Child of Mine Disc Thread: Replace Mine Disc Here!
  221. [T:V] All the small things
  222. T3 not T:V
  223. [T3] Shields on Items in T3
  224. [T:V]Gore and Death
  225. [T:V] Alien Creatures
  226. Dev Q&A Underway on Bittah.com
  227. [T3] T1 Prefabs
  228. [T:V] "Completely different armor models per Tribe"
  229. Thrax Speaks
  230. [T:V] Peacefull mod
  231. [T:V] Flag-Discing...
  232. [T:V] Competitive Team Size (revisited?)
  233. T2 gametypes
  234. [T:V] Packaging ideas
  235. STG: T:V Mapping FAQ
  236. [T:V] Personal Victory Music
  237. [T2] LAK Rabbit
  238. [T:V] FPS Question/Idea
  239. [T:V] 64 Bit Instructions and other server stuff.
  240. Commo tower
  241. Superman uses strings to fly.
  242. T:v No Scripting = No Purchase
  243. [T:V] [T2] Ban Missile Launcher
  244. [T3] No one will like it
  245. Anyone else think an open beta is a bad idea?
  246. Just reinstalled Tribes 1
  247. T:V Client-Side Hud Customization
  248. flight
  249. Tribes: Vengeance Q&A 2
  250. [T:V] Concept for the CG (If there is a cg)