Tribes 2 and other game servers clientside query with buddy list

09-19-2017, 19:27
Found easy to install Client Game Server Query, that works for lot of games, included Tribes and Tribes II and it has buddy list option.

open source code with packages compiled for installation available:

Auto Join: Has ability to enter auto login parameters to click and auto login and go directly into game server selected, from the program.

Buddy List

Missing, that would like to add, is some form of alert notifications, for certain parameters, like certain number of players on a server, play a wav sound file, that states aloud, like "10 players are now on SCP, rally time" and also when buddy joins a server, a simple beep, would be nice, or more sophisticated, bot that says: "< buddy player name >, just joined <snap crackle pop server> and you have x amount of buddies now on the server....

there is a chat system of some sort it looks like in the source code, and maybe someone who can help code it a up a little more for audio notifications, can help, as it would be nice to add a little push notification, sms or email or whatsapp or some other forms of subscription to alert a person, that players are on.

Reason for this, is nothing like logging in and going to look to see who all is playing and seeing no one, or just a few randomly joining and leaving, as this way can monitor the servers, and not just tribes2, it works for tribes and many other games...

I have a few servers already added in a file, if anyone would like it, as it is easy to add lists and tribes2 is not showing all the servers by default, as this can be done, with a little exploring, to support all tribes2 online servers, just have not looked into yet. ;topic=3978.0;attach=2519 ;image

here is another thread about it, at

New App- Rally Time Server Auto Push Notification System- Thyth Chimeth inith ( 8995#new)