CSN2 $2500 Tournament continues Sat & Sun

08-25-2012, 16:58

Day 3 of the CSN "Get Primed for PAX" $2500 tournament starts today! This weekend, we'll see the Upper Bracket semifinals and the lower bracket all the way through the semifinals. By the end of the weekend, only three teams will remain out of the eleven still remaining. Things are heating up!

Event details: Tribes: Ascend - Get Primed for Pax | Cyber-Sports Network (http://cyber-sports.net/event/get-primed-for-pax)
Bracket: Tribes: Ascend - Get Primed for Pax brackets | Cyber-Sports Network (http://cyber-sports.net/brackets/31110)

Info and VODs from last week:
Saturday (http://www.reddit.com/r/Tribes/comments/yfm4r/when_this_post_is_4_hours _old_day_1_of_csns_2500/)
Sunday (http://www.reddit.com/r/Tribes/comments/yh6ao/day_2_of_csns_2500_tourna ment_begins_when_this/)

Today's matches will be broadcast on a number of streams. Here is a list of streams that will be updated throughout the day as more are announced:
Streams: (will be updated with more later as streams are announced)
IBN1 (http://twitch.tv/ibn1)
Dodgepong (http://twitch.tv/dodgepong)

First Person:
[MIA]Voss Voss423 (http://www.twitch.tv/voss423)

Both zerofivezero and Beacon Stop pulled of huge upsets in the early rounds of this tournament, taking out Legion and Tao of Tribes respectively. Now they will face off in the Winners Bracket round 4

Will update this post with more streams if they pop up & match results.

08-26-2012, 17:47
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