Tribes: Ascend Update #5 - Accelerate

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06-11-2012, 17:17

06-11-2012, 17:20
well **** I don't know how to use forums

06-11-2012, 17:22
27 new weapons? from the guys who have proven they can't even balance one new weapon?


06-11-2012, 17:35
sometimes i think Hirez is full of retarded monkeys

but i'll give them one thing - i think they're brilliant at marketing and money-making

i mean, essentially they've been selling a beta for 6+ months, and it appears to me that they have no intention of actually finishing and polishing that game

but they'll put out a million new weapons that nubs will feel they need to buy

and once that cash cow runs out we'll be left with an unbalanced POS beta that can never be finished or modded by the community

and hirez will move onto the next marketing gimmick

06-11-2012, 17:58

06-11-2012, 19:07
Major Highlights

The system for upgrading weapons has been modified. Players will now automatically receive weapon upgrades as they play a particular weapon, without having to spend XP on the upgrade (allowing you to save your XP for other items). A progress bar on the weaponís menu page will provide information as to when the next automatic upgrade occurs. If you are impatient and have excess XP, an option is still provided to immediately master an item using XP. Note that previously purchased upgrades are still owned.
27 new weapons have been added to the game, 3 for each class (details below).
Two new Capture & Hold maps have been added (Tartarus and Sulfer).

Weapon/Balance Items

27 New Weapon Variants have been added across all classes. Weapon Variants have new skins and slight statistical trade offs for the weapon they are a variant of. One weapon variant has been added for each free Primary, Secondary, and Belt item that comes with a class. Weapon variants are all unlocked between 4800xp - 18000xp.
Exception: The Titan Launcher (a variant of the Saber Launcher) is a good bit more than a statistical change.
NEW SLOT 2 PERK: The perk Lightweight has been added. Lightweight reduces your mass by 30%, creating stronger disk jumps, but more than triples the delay before health regeneration takes effect. This perk is intended for advanced chasers.
Automatics, SMGs, and Pistols:
Reduced reload time reduction upgrade from 30% to 15% on:
Soldierís Assault Rifle
Pathfinderís Light Assault Rifle
Technicianís TCN4
Infiltratorís Rhino
Raiderís NJ4 SMG
Raiderís NJ5 SMG
Sentinelís Falcon Auto-Pistol
Increased damage fall off by 5% and brought closer the range at which falloff starts on:
Infiltratorís Rhino SMG
Technicianís TCN4 SMG
Raiderís NJ4 SMG
Raiderís NJ5 SMG
Increased damage fall off on Sentinelís Falcon Auto-Pistol by 5%.
Reduced clip size by 2 on Sentinelís Falcon Auto-Pistol. Adjusted starting ammo pool.
Reduced clip size by 3 on Pathfinderís Light Assault Rifle. Adjusted starting ammo pool.
Reduced clip size by 4 on Soldierís Assault Rifle. Adjusted starting ammo pool.
Reduced clip size by 6 on Infiltratorís Rhino SMG. Adjusted starting ammo pool.
Reduced clip size by 8 on Raiderís NJ4 SMG. Adjusted starting ammo.
Reduced clip size by 6 on Raiderís NJ5 SMG. Adjusted starting ammo.
Reduced damage by roughly 6% on Juggernautís X1 LMG.
Reduced damage by roughly 7% on Infiltratorís Rhino SMG.
Reduced damage by roughly 6% on Raiderís NJ4 SMG.
Reduced damage by roughly 7% on Sentinelís Falcon Auto-Pistol.

Decreased effectiveness of Raiderís Shield Pack. More energy is required to absorb each point of damage taken.
Decreased detonation time by 26% and increased radius by 3% on Bruteís Gladiator.
Increased falloff by 20% on Sentinelís BXT1 Rifle (a nerf).
If you die as the Sentinel class, you will now incur a 5s longer respawn time, regardless of what you are respawning as. This is a fix we are still actively working on, and is intended to be improved upon over time.
Reduced the number of credits awarded for Generator Defense to 200.
Increased credit reward for killing Shrikes to 700.
Increased reward for emergency flag grabs to 500.
Increased reward for flag defense to 300.
Reduced damage on Raiderís EMP grenade by roughly 45%. Increased energy drain by roughly 113% (more than double).
Mass reduction while enraged on the Rage Perk has been reduced from 35% to 10%. Heath granted at the start of Rage increased from 25% to 50%. Note that Rage, a slot 1 perk, can stack with the new Lightweight perk.
Fixed an issue that was allowing players to flat impact walls at high speed, and instantly move 180 degrees in the opposite direction with no speed loss or damage taken. This allowed for some game breaking front-to-front routes, and created a number of other gameplay related issues.
This fix will have a heavy effect on rock-bouncing, a skill and strategy emerging from competitive games. We built in some tolerances to this fix that allow free bouncing at certain angles, and bleed less speed depending on the angle of impact. We will continue to adjust as needed. Rock bouncing is a feature we love, but the bug needed to be fixed for other extreme cases that were not to the benefit of the game.
Reduced inactive reload time from 5 to 3 seconds. Inactive reload time is how long it takes for a weapon to reload automatically when not in hand.
Slightly increased the default pickup radius for all flags.
Decreased by 20% the pickup radius bonus provided by the Reach Perk.
Reduced the grace area for the spotting command. You now have to aim closer to the intended target to trigger spot.

Additional Items

The starting points in Team Deathmatch has been raised from 100 to 125.
Fixed an issue in which Custom Servers were not sorting correctly in some cases..
/speclist (run from chat window) will list all spectators in a match (can be run by anyone).
Music is auto-disabled when the in-game browser is open, and reenabled at the previous volume when it closes.
Variety of map cleanups and bug fixes.
Fixed an issue where the Rage perk overlay effect would not play if the player began regenerating health.

06-11-2012, 19:16
i just want to see if you can change maps yet :lol:

no mention of it in the patch notes

06-11-2012, 20:23
i just want to see if you can change maps yet :lol:


this game seriously need a load of many news maps. im tired of playing the same ****s. even raindance is starting to piss me off.


06-12-2012, 05:05
i dunno maybe in custom servers the admin can change maps? blitz got all angsty when i mentioned this in GD

06-12-2012, 05:21
Yeah, admins can change maps in private servers. - View topic - Map IDs for Admin Control (

06-12-2012, 09:16
Change, not make new

06-12-2012, 09:59
ah i see, so if a server owner is there and knows the commands and the map IDs he can change map

but no votes and nothing for pubs

i guess a kludge is better than nothing

still beta bull****

Got Haggis?
06-12-2012, 12:10
Yeah its a very unpolished way to change maps. They need a meu system - same as voting to kick players - too much stuff is being done through console commands

06-12-2012, 12:12
A menu system might require a scroll bar. Can't be having none of that in Tribes: Ascend.

06-12-2012, 12:25
A menu system might require a scroll bar. Can't be having none of that in Tribes: Ascend.

It's just another UI that might crash the game
*cough deal of the day cough*

06-12-2012, 12:50
[11:13] <@Mabel> whiteouts same, hold to fire same
[11:13] <@Mabel> gg
[11:13] <@hirezbart> hold to fire is not a quick change apparently
[11:13] <viruTeX-mobile> yeah, i think this is a good time for me to quit too... now t:a is doomed
[11:13] <@hirezbart> and didnt make it in
[11:14] <@hirezbart> it requires some substantial rewrites afaik
[11:14] <@Mabel> you intentionally removed it from training mode

Hold to fire is difficult stuff.

Got Haggis?
06-12-2012, 13:39
some of the descriptions of the new weapons are awful.

"This weapon didn't gain popularity until it won the duel between Blood Eagle Nira Magnus and The Usurper. Magnus won by clubbing The Usurper in the face after she ran out of ammo."

"Another popular Starwolf conversion, the Arctic SN7 is often carried to Blood Eagle worlds, where it inevitably trades owners"

"This TCN4 modification was first seen used by Technician Titus Rockwind, who desired a weapon that had the stopping power to drop a Bioderm and not blow himself up in the process."

06-12-2012, 13:44
At least we can test **** in Training Mode.

06-12-2012, 13:48
Yeah its a very unpolished way to change maps. They need a meu system - same as voting to kick players - too much stuff is being done through console commands

and mute players. I mean wtf. yesterday I had to quit this server where a guy was spamming command voices. mother ****er.

Once again, hirez is being retarded. tribes1 system is great. tab, see scores and pings etc and player options and server options. They should really pay more attention to starsiege: tribes and forget T2 and TV for a bit.

06-12-2012, 13:56
Open console.

/mute playername