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05-04-2012, 01:36
$2500 CSN Tribes Cup - POWER RANKINGS (http://cyber-sports.net/event/2500-tribesascend-launch-cup)

EDIT: The tournament is now underway
Playday #3 begins May 12th at 4PM PST / 7PM EST
Click here to see the brackets (http://cyber-sports.net/brackets/22863)
Day 1 VOD (www.twitch.tv/cybersportsnetwork/b/317257655)
Day 2 VOD (http://www.twitch.tv/cybersportsnetwork/b/317376893)
TribesCast (http://twitch.tv/tribescast) will be covering matches not shown on the main stream

http://cyber-sports.net/media/imagecache/446x273/launchcup_site3.png (http://cyber-sports.net/event/2500-tribesascend-launch-cup)


The Cyber Sports Network***8217;s first-ever Tribes: Ascend tournament just a few days away, so we decided it***8217;s time to take a closer look at the players and teams in participation. This is the first Tribes: Ascend tournament with a substantial prize pool, and easily the most stacked tournament to date in terms of top teams and talent - the vast majority of active North American teams are here to find out who is the best in the region.

Without further ado, our analysts for today***8217;s power ranking:
Team: Deadstop
Tribes veteran since 2001. Was involved in top competition at every stage of T2. Notable teams being Kaizen (T2 Base), Ascendancy (B++/classic), and Staq n Haq (Late T2 classic). Known for LD and Shriking in T2. Catch his stream at ZProtoss (http://twitch.tv/zprotoss)

Team: Deadstop
About: Tribes player and enthusiast since 2000. Currently a co-captain and offensive player for Deadstop in Tribes Ascend. Shoutcasting for TribesCast and active community member from hosting pickup games to hosting tournaments. Find him on twitter at @Apcizzle or watch him stream pubs/pugs/scrims/matches at Apcizzle (http://www.twitch.tv/apcizzle)

Team: HiRez Studios
About: HiRez eSports Manager, very handsome. He'll talk about patch notes and other crap over at HiRezBart (http://twitch.tv/hirezbart)

Team: TwitchTV
About: Tribes veteran since 1999, playing Tribes 1, 2, Vengeance, and even Legions competition. Led a newbie clan of 100+ members in early Tribes 1 history, made some of the most popular custom maps for T:V, and extremely excited about the potential of Tribes: Ascend. Streaming pub stomping at FishStix (http://twitch.tv/fishstix1)

Team: Egocentric (Manager)
About: Active Tribes: Ascend community member.

If you missed them previously, take a look at the ruleset, prizepool, and format of the tournament:
Cyber Sports Network, along with full support from Hi-Rez Studios, is excited to announce the first major Tribes:Ascend Tournament for North America. CSN has remained one of North America's most supportive organizations of First Person Shooters and will continue to do so by offering the fast growing Tribes:Ascend community their first shot at some serious dough!

This $2500 tournament will be open to any team with a full roster of seven players and is free to enter.

Tournament Format:
32 teams, double elimination.
May 5-6, May 12-13
Matches will be between 7pm - midnight EDT on all four days.

Prizes: $2500 total
1st - $1050 ($150/player)
2nd - $700 ($100/player)
3rd - $420 ($60/player)
4th - $280 ($40/player)

Match Format:
Best of 3 maps

I will likely be streaming the majority of matches with HiRezBart, more info on that soon. Working closely with HiRez and CSN on this. Look for more in the future - Click here to sign your team up! (http://cyber-sports.net/event/2500-tribesascend-launch-cup) <3


Update: TtEsports announced as official sponsor of CSN's Tribes: Ascend Launch Cup!
http://i.imgur.com/VavzY.png (http://usa.ttesports.com/)

The Tribes: Ascend Launch Cup will feature 7 man teams battling it out for a $2500 prize pool, with $1050 going to the first place team. Along with the cash prizes, Tt eSPORTS will provide a Saphira mouse (http://www.ttesports.com/products/product.aspx?s=25) and Dasher mousepad (http://www.ttesports.com/products/product.aspx?g=feature&s=6) to each member of the winning team.

The SPINFUSOR.ORG Unified Ruleset (http://www.spinfusor.org/rules/) has been selected as the official ruleset of the tournament.


Let***8217;s go into a little detail on the history behind the current top North American Tribes: Ascend teams, and, of course, make some predictions on who is are the favorites going into this tournament:


1. Deadstop
Roster: Blitz, Apcizzle, ZProtoss, Bojinglebells, Mabel, RemiCs, Fire
Previous Game(s): Legions, T2/T:V
Links: Team Dead Stop (http://www.teamdeadstop.com)
***8220;Deadstop is a team comprised of Tribes veterans, but many have played together at the highest levels of Legions competition, and is one of the strongest competitive teams currently playing T:A, boasting impressive wins in showmatches, scrims, and GameShrine matches. DeadStop has established themselves as one of the most consistent and talented teams playing the game. Watch out for strong stand defense and unorthodox flag passing.***8221; ~HiRezBart

2. Team Legion
Roster: z4t01, projectile, hatuey, gMcizzle, Vir, Psycho, videoP, Matin, sfxer, PhonSC
Previous Game(s): mixed: Quake, T1/2, Jedi Academy
Links: The Legion Gaming Community - The Front Page (http://www.the-legion.net/)
***8220;Team Tribehard emerged from the ashes of Stack N***8217; Hack, one of the strongest teams in early beta, and a few key members from Team Egocentric, and was picked up by Team Legion (or LgN) last week. Led by former Quake semi-pro z4t01 and with a strong backbone of top Tribes 2 talent (Matin as capper, Vir as HoF and shriker, projectile light defense), the LgN squad is no doubt a contender for the top spot in this tournament.***8221; ~FishStix

3. Area51
Roster: zoidbergenstein, TITAN, Talespin, Blinks, Brick, VashEricks, pandalol, player3, pLif, AnarchyAo
Previous Game(s): Battlefield 3, MNC, some members T2
Links: Area51 Gaming - Professional E-sports organization (http://area51gaming.com/)
***8220;A multigaming team that came on late into the Tribes scene. Able to rise quickly into the top 5 Tribes: Ascend teams due to their impressive coordination, teamwork, and hitscan accuracy. Area51***8217;s play is characterized by strong vehicles from VashEricks and TITAN***8217;s heavy on flag play. Talespin is one of the game***8217;s most dominant snipers. Watch for an emphasis on cluster play, vehicles, and communication***8221; ~HiRezBart

4. Tao of Tribe
Roster: Coproporphyria, Refried, Dynamo, naner aka bootyclap6969, Conspiracy, dysphoria aka delerium, Makasuro, Red3y3, telia, Vypur, Alarik
Previous Game(s): T1/T2
Links: Tao of Tribe (http://www.taooftribe.com/)
Analysis: ***8220;One of the most exciting and experimental teams in Tribes: Ascend. Boasting a long Tribes 1 & Tribes 2 history, Tao is one of the most dynamic (no pun intended) teams, with a fluid offensive centric playstyle. Known for admitted lack of strategy, highly adaptable. Recently have added Vypur to their roster to assist on flag chase. Look for dynamic playstyles and strong capping from this team.***8221; ~HiRezBart

5. Icarus
Roster: Fettuccine, Mavi, |V|ector, ekos, Kevin, elixer, kilar, zepto, Jinmen, Bravo
Previous Game(s): T1
Links: Home (http://elitetribesascendespotsqu adronicarus.webs.com/)
***8220;Team Icarus features some of the top talent from the later years of Tribes 1 LT, most notably elixer aka GeneWilder, arguably the best offensive T1 LT player of all time, and |V|ector who represents Tribes 1 base capping with long and well thought-out routes. Watch out for fast routes, a heavy emphasis on offensive coordination, and top-tier team play from this team.***8221; ~FishStix

***8220;Team icarus gives every team in Tribes Ascend a run for their money - whether they win or lose. Their longevity within this community only proves that they are only getting stronger as a team and with players such as |V|ector, an elite Tribes 1 capper, Mavi, arguably one of the most competent stay a home players and zepto, one of the most annoying snipers to cap against, this team has a chance to throw a big surprise into this tournament.***8221; ~Apcizzle

6. Defense Turret (*NOTE: rumors say the team has broken up due to inactivity. Guess we***8217;ll have to wait and see)
Roster: Gonno, EFX, Meyog, Elitcejorp aka Tarzul, JayTea, jsut, sashimi, sqz, subjective
Previous Game(s): T1/T2
***8220;Defense Turret is a team all full of Tribes veterans, as they take the name of the their team from the anti-cheat program for Tribes 2. Names such as Meyog, Tarzul and jsut should be familiar if you are familiar with the franchise. Though they are a newly developed team, they all have individual skill, but it is up to them to collaborate and work as a team in Tribes Ascend to make it to the top 5. Keep an eye out for these players even after this tournament.***8221; - Apcizzle

7. Team Epidemic
Roster: LL-BLU-J, RIP058, LionGG, TrismGG, Mexico, GigaLaughBath, Alakabon, BADBOY4LIFE, Leech, Mikeax2
Previous Game(s):
Links: Team Epidemic (http://www.teamepi.com/)
***8220;Formerly Team Onyx, Epidemic has been defined in matches by their coordinated capper play. TrismGG and Mikeax2 are often seeing duo capping in tandem, posing a potential challenge to defenses carried by one player. Epidemic***8217;s coordination has allowed them to make great showings, even against teams heavily favored against them. They could easily make a big impact in this tournament.***8221; ~ZProtoss

8. Egocentric
Roster: DavidBowie, Ibin, PessimiStick, Xanthyr, Canucck, JazzyJ, verticle, Phesq, Pilot, Virty, Aidip, Sweetness
Previous Game(s): T1/2, Natural Selection, Battlefield 3
Links: Team Egocentric BETA (http://www.teamegocentric.com/)
***8220;Egocentric is one of the first established teams in Tribes: Ascend. Led by DavidBowie, the team has been through a few roster revisions as a few have players left for other teams. However, Egocentric still has solid, dedicated players such as Ibin and Canucck that help shape this team into a formidable opponent.***8221; - Apcizzle

9. Boss
Roster: DiMitSu, Huntz, Frizzer, Silverstar, masque, RadNemesis, HotRodRe, casual
Previous Game(s):
Links: TribesOne.com (http://www.troc.us/)
***8220;After their primary capper left for Team Legion, Boss went through some dark times as a team, coming close to dissolving. But instead, they've returned with a vengeance, sporting some new pickups like masque and casual, and they have recently put up strong games against current top teams. Despite their recently rocky past, they are surely not to be overlooked in this tournament. ~dodgepong

10. Vex Ubiquity Project
Roster: DarkAngel, root, abashi, bridude, Dissection, foobar, FuriousJodo, Odio, Tebbo, Vaxus
Previous Game(s):
Links: Vex Ubiquity Project | Index (http://www.vexubiquityproject.co m/)
***8220;VuP is a known team name throughout competitive Tribes history. Many of these players were picked up within Tribalwar.com as DarkAngel made a thread to get everyone together for another run in a Tribes game. They aren***8217;t well known within the Tribes Ascend community, but with their past experiences and known teamwork, it will take them far as long as they put the time and dedication in.***8221; ~Apcizzle

***8220;Oldschool talent, but unproven in T:A. A complete wildcard.***8221; ~FishStix

11. Team BFF (NOTE*: Rumors have it that BFF has split up)
Roster: Ryukolink, Swordf1sh, connnnn, VIOP, CorneliusOliver, CrazyCraig, Rhekua
Previous Game(s):
***8220;Another team that has been together since the beginning days of Tribes Ascend beta, Team BFF has experience scrimming top tier teams countless times. Regardless of their track record, they are a unified bunch that can be found playing together in public servers daily. With the right strategies, their tight relationship can help them work as a team and move up in the rankings. Names to watch for within this group would be CrazyCraig as their dedicated capper and Swordf1sh, as he is a player of multiple traits and is a good communicator.***8221; - Apcizzle

12. Golden Circle
Roster: DoubleAgent, CBro, DeadBear, Furl, KrazyBear, Newmz, Pigonthewing, PulseBear, TheLegalDept
Previous Game(s): T1/2, Counter-Strike, Quake
***8220;Golden Circle is a veteran gaming team. Many of their members go back to times before T1, and the average age for many players on the team is over 35. Nonetheless, there***8217;s no doubt that Golden Circle might be able to leverage that experience over some of the greener teams that have signed up in order to eek out some surprise wins. Look for Golden Circle to be a darkhorse contender.***8221; ~ZProtoss

13. dodgepong***8217;s Dark Horse: Exica
Roster: Caja, Chambers aka Kaertes, LiquidSwordz, Kaws, sashimi, subjective, tenub, Woo, LegitBear, Bluekfc, Implosions
Previous Game(s): T2, ?
Links: Exica (http://www.exica.com/)
While it might not be common knowledge, Exica is made up of many long time T2 veterans. Kaertes being notable for playing for Rapture circa 2003/2004 when T2 Classic was in its prime, and players like sashimi (Mistcane), subjective (Astralis), and Woo being forces later in the game***8217;s life. Most of these players haven***8217;t invested as much time into T:A as some of the other teams in the tournament, but they certainly have the experience to surprise quite a few teams. ~ZProtoss

14th-23: :confused:, but we do have oldschool eSports team Check Six in attendance (a bunch of Counter-Strike players). Will be interesting to see how these primarily non-Tribes teams fair. Vexillifer is another wildcard in the pack.


The first playdays are Saturday and Sunday starting at 6PM EDT. The official live stream pre-show will begin at 6:30PM EDT / 3:30 PM PDT on CSN's TwitchTV Channel (http://twitch.tv/cybersportsnetwork) with commentary by myself and HiRezBart. Really looking forward to this :D



Psssst... there's still time to sign up!

05-04-2012, 01:53
saw these on espn.com like 2 days ago

05-04-2012, 02:33
****ing ZP didn't list where he came from.

aYg FTW!

05-04-2012, 02:51
tao on top tao on top

05-04-2012, 02:58
y am i not on tao roster

ive only played in every single match & have this professionally made tao signature

pls recognize & correct

05-04-2012, 03:08
me too, i play t1 long time

05-04-2012, 06:02
me love gnome long time

Got Haggis?
05-04-2012, 06:38
I had no idea that ZP went to Deadstop. When did that happen?

05-04-2012, 07:20
Picked up ZP bout a month, month and a half ago I don't remember exactly when. We picked up Bojinglebells of 121 Fractal Grenade Kills fame shortly after.

ZP had a little project team with Gonno and a few other T2 players after Stack n Hack exploded. That fizzled out then we picked him up .

I'm very happy with this 7.

05-04-2012, 08:23
14th-23: ???

u mean, 14th-23: all hackers and aimbotters courtesy of the magic man

expect these teams to sweep the tournament

thank u again for the free money

05-04-2012, 09:12
T1 pride. Rooting for #4 and #5.

05-04-2012, 09:37
T1 pride. Rooting for #4 and #5.

VUP is half T1 vets :(

Can't believe we're higher than Boss and BFF... we haven't even ****ing scrimmed yet (thanks zfz and tao... :hrm:)

John the Jammer
05-04-2012, 10:13
legion and icarus in finals. deadstop will fall early. book me

05-04-2012, 10:21
i see that i am apparently not tao according 2 fishstix

good 2 know

05-04-2012, 10:41
Nice write-up.

05-04-2012, 11:15
Golden Circle broke up and their actives went to join moot point. Cool write up btw enjoyed reading.

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05-04-2012, 12:40
I don't understand why stuff like this isn't plastered all over the Hi Rez site or in game some how. They don't seem to be really helping promote this stuff at all.

05-04-2012, 12:43

05-04-2012, 13:06
If there are any issues with rosters here, it's probably because you didn't sign up properly on the CSN website .. and I recommend you do so before the games start tomorrow.