Podcast with Todd Harris from HiRez

Got Haggis?
04-25-2012, 13:43
KBMOD Podcast ***8211; Episode 39 (Featuring Todd Harris from Hi-Rez Studios) | Keyboard + Mouse or Die (http://www.kbmod.com/2012/04/25/kbmod-podcast-episode-39-featuring-todd-harris-from-hi-rez-studios/)

cliffs: patch cycle slowing down to about every 2-3 weeks. New features will include more social stuff and "streaming integration"

the 2 big Tribes nerds at HiRez are HiRezMick and HiRezSean

04-25-2012, 14:17
game sucks
im just trolling it til it dies at this point since they dont care to make it better