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Remember the lesbo teen that wanted to go to prom? The school faked one for her.

Submitted by: jh253lk2h5 @ 06:32 PM | Tuesday, April 6, 2010 | (url:

Constance McMillen, Mississippi teen, recently caused an uproar by wanting to bring her girlfriend, a lesbian, to the prom. Well, after much legal ballyhoo, the school district caved and invited her to prom. Turns out, though, it mighta been fake.

Well, if it wasn't fake, it was the worst attended prom since the year after Carrie White totally PMSed all over everyone. Basically the school district canceled the prom when everyone got upset about a gay person being gay at it, but then a little bit later after much international scrutiny and ACLU lawsuit stuff the school district's attorney announced that a parent-sponsored prom was being held and invited McMillen. Constance, her girlfriend, and seven other kids were the only ones to show up to the event.

The real trouble is that there's rumored to have been another prom held that night at a different location, one that, word has it, the parents were fully aware of, and the school district helped plan. So, basically a bunch of grownups may have staged an elaborate ruse so the gay girl and her gay lesbian girlfriend and all their totally homo friends could stand around one place looking like chumps, while the real teens did real things like give birth in the bathroom and rape each other in limos at their own very special real prom. Terrifically done, everyone!

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My friend sent the wrong link to a Customer. Oops!

Submitted by: DarkBlade @ 09:15 PM | Friday, August 31, 2007 | (url: http://www.tribal...)

Apparently he had that link in his clipboard and didn't notice he gave it to the Customer instead of the correct link. Oops. Now his whole office knows about it.