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Stonie ends Joey Chestnut's 8-year reign at Nathan's hot dog contest

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New York (CNN)
Down goes Chestnut. Long live the "Megatoad."

For the first time in nearly a decade, the world's hot dog king is someone not named Joey Chestnut.

Matthew "Megatoad" Stonie devoured 62 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes at Nathan's International Hot Dog Eating Contest in New York on Saturday, beating longtime champion Chestnut's tally of 60 and winning his first Mustard yellow belt.

At 5-foot-8 and 130 pounds, Stonie beat his own record of 56 from last year's contest. A smiling Stonie told the crowd it was surreal to win on the sport's biggest stage.

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Video Game Primal Carnage joins the Harlem Shake movemnt

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With pressure of pop culture knocking at its door, Lukewarm Media pioneers the video gaming world by being the first to have an in-game Harlem Shake as a part of their award-winning FPS Primal Carnage. Sure, you will laugh at the video, but you will love the game.

Tribes Aerial Assault gaining more players again

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On August 27, 2007 there were very many people on TAA for the ps2 in the MGS Test server, although all of the people at have stopped playing. (There use to be a 22 slot server up in February 2007, and it usually got full at night..There are at least 2 clans left.. and ...the people that no longer play seem to "laugh" whenever someone says TRIBES IS DEAD. They seem to have no clue in what being a nice person is all about) In the last 2 days the list of servers have been refreshed 216 times.
Here are the list of players that played on Monday:
2.Gutterslut god
4.Anthony something
6.Warrior 1
7.Warrior 2