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Milo To Give Press Conference At Ground Zero In Orlando

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Milo will give the short talk Absolutely Haram: Islam versus Gays, which was scheduled to be delivered at the University of Central Florida this week before UCF PD cancelled his event, stating they could not guarantee his safety.

He will discuss his suspension this morning on Twitter following his criticism of Islam.

Yiannopoulos will address the cancellation of his college speaking event as well as UCF administrators decision to cancel his scheduled press conference tomorrow by claiming that no space was available for him to talk to students and the media.

He will discuss his recent column, The Left Chose Islam Over Gays. Now 100 People Are Dead Or Maimed In Orlando and the response of the mainstream media to the attack at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, as well as his personal experience of being a right-wing homosexual.

Yiannopoulos will take questions from attending media and listeners, expected to include the New York Times, local television stations, Deutsche Welle, PBS and various student publications.

The meet-up location will be a few blocks away from the Pulse Nightclub, site of the horrific attacks by a Muslim terrorist earlier this weekend. Attendees should gather outside Christ Church of Orlando, at 2200 South Orange Avenue.

All members of the public and press are welcome to attend, and should contact with further questions.

Attendees are instructed not to enter the churchs interior, as it is being used to provide food and water to affected families. Parking can be found around Orange & Grant.

The Breitbart team will be accompanied by private security, for the safety of media and the attending public. All are welcome to join. The event will begin promptly at 2pm EDT.

Colorado Right to Record Bill Sails Through House

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Colorado bill that would entitle citizens at least $15,000 in damages if police interfere with their right to record breezed through the House Tuesday with overwhelming bipartisan approval, another step closer to becoming law.

First Amendment Now Covers Forum Trolls

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" According to Reuters, the appeals court reversed a decision from 2006 that would have subpoenaed ten anonymous posters on Yahoos message board by the COO of a drug service company, Lisa Krinsky.

The 2006 court case held that ten anonymous message board posters left quite a few harsh comments on the Internet regarding Krinsky, her company, and two officers at her company. One comment referred to Krinsky saying, "I will reciprocate felatoin [sic] with Lisa even though she has fat thighs, a fake medical degree, 'queefs' and has poor feminine hygiene.""

tl;dr Continue being dicks.


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Billions of protesters around the world gather at Scientology landmarks to voice their concerns on the so called church.

Secret Society

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Secret Society in Iran / Persian converting to Christianity

Iranian equilibrium finding new ways to gain freedom from the Mullahs regime, and seeking to reach for any compassion.
Every Iranian is wondering; The Muhammad Islam prophet and his followers were like the Mullahs and Imams today the dictatorship killers of their own times, they tortured innocent people, and covered up their own crime by using the Quran to your face.
95% of Iranian people lost their own faith, their beliefs are dead, and enough is enough.
They don't want this Islamic religion and this dictator regime.
Iranians know that everybody must obey the Ayatollahs, Imams, Mullahs and sheikhs regime like slaves otherwise she/he will get brutally murdered.