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Rock Band DLC priced, detailed

Submitted by: Mr Rabies @ 03:18 AM | Thursday, November 15, 2007 | (url: http://www.gamesp...)

Harmonix announced their plans for Downloadable Content for Rock Band!
Cost will average 1.99 per song, 5.49 if you buy a bundle (you can buy bundles as individual songs, unlike Guitar Hero 2 or 3.)
Here's a selection of the stuff available the first week. Total of 15 songs will be available the first week and 27 within a month of launch:

Metallica Pack
"Ride the Lightning"
"And Justice for All"

The Police Pack
"Can't Stand Losing You"
"Synchronicity II"

Queens of the Stone Age Pack
"3's and 7's"
"Little Sister"
"Sick Sick Sick"

Some songs will be cheaper, some more expensive. ($0.99-2.99)
Harmonix is going to own my soul by the time this is over.

4 new Gears of War maps on Xbox Live Thursday. Cost? $10.

Submitted by: Got Haggis? @ 10:33 AM | Tuesday, May 1, 2007 | (url: http://www.majorn...)

The 4 new maps will cost you $10. The good news is that in 4 months, the maps will be free. The screwed up thing is that Epic wanted all 4 maps to be free, but Microsoft forced them to charge for it. Welcome to the future of gaming.