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The End Is Nigh

Submitted by: Goshin @ 05:03 PM | Thursday, November 21, 2013 | (url: http://www.wired....)

This week, health authorities in New Zealand announced that the tightly quarantined island nation has experienced its first case, and first death, from a strain of totally drug-resistant bacteria.

If we really lost antibiotics to advancing drug resistance and trust me, were not far off heres what we would lose. Not just the ability to treat infectious disease; thats obvious.

But also: The ability to treat cancer, and to transplant organs, because doing those successfully relies on suppressing the immune system and willingly making ourselves vulnerable to infection. Any treatment that relies on a permanent port into the bloodstream for instance, kidney dialysis. Any major open-cavity surgery, on the heart, the lungs, the abdomen. Any surgery on a part of the body that already harbors a population of bacteria: the guts, the bladder, the genitals. Implantable devices: new hips, new knees, new heart valves. Cosmetic plastic surgery. Liposuction. Tattoos.

Wed lose the ability to treat people after traumatic accidents, as major as crashing your car and as minor as your kid falling out of a tree. Wed lose the safety of modern childbirth: Before the antibiotic era, 5 women died out of every 1,000 who gave birth. One out of every nine skin infections killed. Three out of every 10 people who got pneumonia died from it.

And wed lose, as well, a good portion of our cheap modern food supply. Most of the meat we eat in the industrialized world is raised with the routine use of antibiotics, to fatten livestock and protect them from the conditions in which the animals are raised. Either way, meat and fish and seafood, also raised with abundant antibiotics in the fish farms of Asia would become much more expensive.

Antibiotics are used in plant agriculture as well. Right now, a drug-resistant version of the bacterial disease fire blight is attacking American apple crops. Theres currently one drug left to fight it.

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Xbox 360 failure rate at 16%, warranty provider reports

Submitted by: succi @ 02:13 PM | Thursday, February 14, 2008 | (url: http://binarybons...)

Working with a sufficient sample size of over 1,000 claims, SquareTrade, a warranty seller, has projected the Xbox 360 failure rate at 16.4% -- and likely climbing. Comparatively, the company reports failure rates hovering around 3% for PlayStation 3 and Wii, based on less accurate sample sizes numbering in the hundreds. SquareTrade found that the ghoulish "Red Ring of Death" accounted for 60% of hardware failures it's documented...

Number 6 Blue Angel Crashes and Burns

Submitted by: Psycadelc @ 12:58 AM | Sunday, April 22, 2007 | (url: http://www.tribal...)

Sad day for all of us. They haven't released the identity, but I know for a fact that it was #6