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DoJ Drops Child Porn Charges to Keep Tor Exploit Confidential

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Last April, the FBI refused to comply with a federal judge when he requested information about the Bureaus Tor exploit. The FBI used a piece of malware called a Network Investigative Technique or NIT against a massive darknet child pornography website. The malware exposed site viewers to the FBI who subsequently arrested several hundred suspects.. However, the FBIs struggle to keep the NIT under wraps just lost a conviction; Jay Michaud, one of the suspects in the PlayPen case, won the battle for a full dismissal of charges.

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NSA: We don't know how many employees are looking at child por

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The country's top spy agency isn't sure how many of its employees use the agency's equipment to look at child pornography.

The revelation comes shortly after intelligence officials made offhand remarks about the amount of child porn they have found on agency systems in the past. "The amount of child porn I see is just unbelievable," Daniel Payne, director of the Defense Security Service, told a conference in Virginia last week. "What people do [at work] is amazing," added Kemp Ensor, the NSA's director of security.

However, the agency's press office said, it does not collect statistics on the issue. The number of offenders isn't recorded, nor is the number of affected systems, or whether any sort of remedial measures are taken. No records exist of an agency employee being prosecuted over the issue.

"NSA is a professional foreign-intelligence and information-assurance organization with a highly disciplined workforce, serving around the clock in some of the world's most dangerous areas," an NSA spokesman in a statement this week to the Daily Beast. "We set high professional standards for our personnel and any violations of the law are appropriately reported."

The agency is not alone. A 2011 report found that as many as 5,200 Pentagon employees were also alleged to have looked at child pornography on government systems.

The issue is sure to raise questions about what the NSA is using its surveillance power to accomplish. The Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday is set to hold a hearing on the agency's clandestine PRISM surveillance program, which allows it to collect communications data gathered by tech companies such as Google, Facebook and Apple.

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