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Black Dude Saves Ducklings

Submitted by: Mr Jimmy Pop @ 03:54 PM | Sunday, November 15, 2015 | (url: http://www.feelgo...)

Dallas Cowboys offensive guard Leonard Davis saved a different type of birdie during the Dallas Cowboys annual Sponsor Appreciation Golf Tournament Wednesday.

Davis, ever an animal-loving gentle giant, came to the rescue of nearly a dozen baby ducks stranded in a sand bunker on the 11th Hole. Davis walked into the bunker and picked up the baby ducks one-by-one and placed them gingerly on the fairway.

Quickly, the little ducks scurried back to their mother -- who previously, and very quickly, had left the sand trap as the 6 foot 6 inch, 360-pound lineman approached.

This wasnt the first time Davis has helped stranded animals. Following the same golf tournament back in 2007, Davis first year with the Cowboys, he flew back to Arizona and used his own tractor to help free a horse that was stuck in mud.