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Microsoft Offers To Pay News Publishers To Pull Content From Google

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The next battle in the search wars could be over access to news content. The FT reports that Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT)which has made increasing the market share of its Bing search engine its top online priorityhas reached out to big online publishers in order to get them to pull their sites from Google (NSDQ: GOOG). Among the parties currently in discussions with Microsoft is News Corp. (NYSE: NWS), which has very loudly threatened to block search engines from crawling the content of its newspapers.

Unclear how far along these discussions are, although TechCrunch also reported a week ago that Microsoft had a meeting with representatives from top British papers, including the Financial Times, about giving their content premium positions on Bing.

This report seems to take that a step further since not only would Microsoft presumably be giving the content of its partners better play, it would also be paying to ensure that their content could not be found directly via the search engine of its arch-rival.

That would give Bing bragging rights to something Google does not have. Its other attempts at doing so havent been as successful. For instance, after it announced a deal with Twitter to feature Tweets from the microblog in real-time, Google followed up with its own agreement hours later.

For the newspapers, of course, the question is whether Microsofts dollars can make up for the loss of traffic that Google generates for them.

Online publishers would likely demand top dollar. Asked about the possibility last week, News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch said he wasnt convinced even Microsoft could afford it: If they were to pay everybody for everything they took, from every newspaper in the world and every magazine they wouldnt have any profits left.

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Bing Captures Almost 10 Percent Search Share In U.S.

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Remember all that talk about Bing starting to fizzle in September? Well it didnt happen, and now October numbers and Bing gained another half a point to reach 9.9 percent market share of U.S. searches, according to comScores qSearch service. Five months after launch, Bing has steadily gained two points of market share.

And it is keeping the pressure on, with deals to index realtime data streams from both Twitter and Facebook (Google also has a deal with Twitter, but not Facebook), a deal with Wolfram Alpha for nutrition and diet data, and the constant rollout of new features such as better video search.

The biggest loser in the search wars, however, continues to be Yahoo as it awaits approval to hand over search to Bing. In a single month, Yahoos U.S. search share dropped 0.8 percent to 18 percent, and is down 3 percent since the beginning of the year. Meanwhile, Google seems unfazed, gaining another half point itself in October to finish with 65.4 percent share.

Bings progress is encouraging (someone needs to compete with Google in search), but so far all Bing has shown is that it can take share away from its future partner Yahoo. Bing has yet to put a ding in Googles share. Perhaps it needs to do something radical, like cut deals with major news and media sites for exclusive rights to index their content. Otherwise it will just keep eating away at Yahoos slice of pie, which its already been promised anyway.