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Blu-ray Player Prices Hit 2008 Highs

Submitted by: DudeofDeath @ 10:38 AM | Wednesday, March 12, 2008 | (url: http://www.tgdail...)

Pricewatch - Blu-ray Disc players from Samsung, Sony and Sharp are now the most expensive they have been all year, presumably because HD DVD's exit from the high-def disc arena has removed some of Blu-ray's pricing pressure.

Make way for another corporate reaming...

Sony USA CEO says HD War in Stalemate

Submitted by: KillerONE @ 12:29 PM | Friday, November 9, 2007 | (url: http://www.gamesp...)

The Sony USA CEO says that the HD DVD and Blu-ray video formats are locked in a battle neither can win.

Hackers discover HD DVD and Blu-ray "processing key" -- all HD titles now exposed

Submitted by: bigtabs @ 01:33 PM | Thursday, February 15, 2007 | (url: http://www.engadg...)

Those cooky kids over at the Doom9 forums hate themselves some DRM. Not more than two months after discovering a means to extract the HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc "volume keys" to decrypt AACS DRM on individual films, we're now getting word that DRM hacker arnezami has found the "processing key" used to decrypt the DRM on all HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc films.