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Left 4 Dead Xbox 360 Hacked

Submitted by: KnightMare @ 03:53 PM | Tuesday, December 9, 2008 | (url: http://www.youtub...)

Well this sucks. It seems that a group of modders have found a way to use the Left 4 Dead mod tool pack to hack the game. With the tool pack, modders simply changed what they wanted using a data transfer cable and they were all set. Kinda ruins it for people playing on Xbox Live.

Yes, the Left 4 Dead Demo is out, go play it

Submitted by: OtakuMark @ 05:14 PM | Thursday, November 13, 2008 | (url: http://www.left4d...)

The Left 4 Dead demo is available on Steam for anyone who'd like a taste of the 4-player online co-op PC zombie action. See the link for for more Left 4 Dead information and updates.

Left 4 Dead Demo Released

Submitted by: KnightMare @ 12:30 PM | Thursday, November 6, 2008 | (url: http://www.shackn...)

Right on time, the Left 4 Dead PC demo has been released via Steam and is now accessible to those that have pre-ordered the game. The demo will be provided to the non-pre-ordering public come November 11, with the game itself due November 18.

The company expects the demo to go live at 2 AM PST on Xbox 360, with the PC version hitting five hours later at 7 AM PST. The trial includes the first two levels of the hospital-themed No Mercy campaign, playable in both online and offline co-op mode.

Early access to the demo can only be gained by pre-ordering the title, either from Steam or GameStop/EB Games. The same pre-order promotion also offers a 10% discount on the game.