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Palit GeForce 9800 GTX+ Video Card NE/98TX+XT352

Submitted by: Das Capitolin @ 05:35 PM | Tuesday, January 13, 2009 | (url: http://benchmarkr...)

Today Benchmark Reviews will take a close look at what I'll call a junior monster. Currently fourth in nvidias lineup of single GPU cards, the Geforce 9800 GTX+ is a card for the mainstream gamer and offers refinements on an already proven design, specifically the wildly popular and powerful G92 core. With a die shrink to 55nm speeds are up and temps are down. We will focus specifically on the PALiT non reference design Geforce 9800 GTX+ NE/98TX+XT352. With it's nearly silent cooler and slightly overclocked core this card should put up some good numbers.

Palit Revolution 700 Radeon HD 4870 X2 Video Card

Submitted by: Das Capitolin @ 11:30 AM | Monday, December 8, 2008 | (url: http://benchmarkr...)

Palit is not known for launching cutting-edge products ahead of the competition, as they can be described as the tortoise in a race against the hare. What Palit does do well is deliver a refined (read: not rushed) product to store shelves. The Palit Revolution 700 Deluxe is one such example, which offers the Radeon HD 4870 X2 with 2048 MB of GDDR5 video frame buffer and is cooled by a proprietary triple-slot thermal solution. In this article, Benchmark Reviews tests the AE5487XSF0545-PM9348 SKU against many of the latest high-performance graphics products available to the retail market.

Palit Radeon HD 4870 Sonic Dual Edition

Submitted by: Das Capitolin @ 04:08 PM | Sunday, September 21, 2008 | (url: http://benchmarkr...)

When everyone thought AMD was sinking into a dark abyss, ATI unvieled their Radeon HD 4000 series and proved the critics all wrong. The Radeon HD 4870 is their current single-GPU flagship, and it's earned a high level of well-deserved distinction. Palit has followed-up this pattern by adding some stand-out features of their own. Benchmark Reviews tests the Palit Radeon HD 4870 Sonic edition video card from Palit. This RV770 graphics solution offers factory overclocked perfomance and a new cooling solution.

Palit GeForce 9600 GT 1GB Sonic NE/960TSX0202

Submitted by: Das Capitolin @ 12:48 PM | Monday, June 2, 2008 | (url: http://benchmarkr...)

The Palit GeForce 9600 GT Sonic provides users with the best image quality and most flexible visual experience regardless of the output standard needed. The new advanced DisplayPort output supports a maximum of 10.8 Gbit/s data rate and display resolutions up to 25601600; high-definition video is supported with the HDMI output. Palit maintains dual Dual-Link DVI outputs on GeForce 9600 GT Sonic, further extending the usability of this graphics card. All four outputs support 40-bit HDCP and the DisplayPort output also supports 128-bit AES DPCP. Benchmark Reviews tests the Palit NE/960TSX0202 GeForce 9600 GT 1GB Sonic video card against a wide variety of Geforce products in this product review.