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Video Game Primal Carnage joins the Harlem Shake movemnt

Submitted by: lukewarmmedia @ 12:12 PM | Tuesday, February 26, 2013 | (url: http://www.youtub...)

With pressure of pop culture knocking at its door, Lukewarm Media pioneers the video gaming world by being the first to have an in-game Harlem Shake as a part of their award-winning FPS Primal Carnage. Sure, you will laugh at the video, but you will love the game.

Age Of Conan Trailer The Hyborian Insider

Submitted by: jamesjimmy @ 10:16 AM | Thursday, April 24, 2008 | (url: http://bittdaily....)

Inside look at the Age of Conan

Jeff Han's Multitouch Media Wall

Submitted by: Fox k @ 02:19 PM | Monday, March 31, 2008 | (url: http://www.popula...)

Jefferson Y. Han likes big computer monitors. If a screen is large enough, four or five people can work at it together, rearranging blueprints, say, or editing photos. But they cant do that if theyre taking turns at a keyboard and mouse. The answer, which Han demonstrates on a 3 x 8-ft. monitor in his lab at New York University, is multitouch input. It allows any number of users to lay hands on the screen as if they were manipulating real objects. On the monitor, recently dubbed the Media Wall, Han uses his hands to spin a virtual globe and then zoom into the canyons of Manhattan. A mouse is an indirect pointing device, Han says. Youre working with an object thats not on the screen. Multitouch computing is direct manipulation.